Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What You Didn't Know

I've been seeing a lot of new lovely faces lately around here and although I think my All About Me page tells you quite a bit ;-) I thought I'd take a minute and share a few things you probably didn't realize were true!

15 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Me

1.    I was an only child until the age of 18.
2.    I gave my life to God at the age of 8
3.    But I’ve fallen away a couple of times....Praise our Father that his love never fails!
4.    I’m a total clutz....like seriously people I have about 20 bruises on my legs right now!
5.    I have never been to the Grand Canyon. Yep, lived 19 years in America and never saw it.
6.    In fact, I’ve never been to New York or Washington DC, anywhere in California or Seattle. To be honest, 90% of what I have seen in the US was from the window of a semi!
7.    My favorite place is Chicago. I have always loved that city since the first time I rode through it with my dad. When I was older and finished with school, friends and I used to take trips up there. The atmosphere, the excitement, the calm business. I’d probably live there if I could.
8.    I absolutely love Mexican food. But genuine authentic Mexican food (don’t get me wrong....nothing beats Taco Bell at 3 am.....) so much that I’d probably be willing to import someone to South Africa just to prepare a meal for me. If I had that kind of funds of course! ;-)
9.    I miss White Chocolate Mochas and Target almost as much as I miss my Dad. (Sorry Daddy!) It’s not to belittle how much I miss my father....but to explain how much I truly miss those two things! In my home town, the first Starbucks we ever got was right outside the new Target. So....on a lazy Saturday, we’d get some Starbucks and then go aimlessly through Target. Someone could make this little lady VERY happy with a White Chocolate Mocha recipe! Hint Hint
10. I secretly have this obsession with Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Stewart, and Keira Knightley. I know...weird right?! But check it....I want to channel Jen (we’re totally on a shortened first name basis...didn’t you know?) for fashion. How can you not love her style? It’s the perfect look for me. On me, it would scream I’m a mom, a professional but I don’t take myself too seriously and I’m still fun! Without like showing a too much skin and being an embarrassment!
Kristen’s makeup is exceptional....like all the time! This one is actually perfect for a work day or a night out. I love how versatile yet simple it looks!
And Keira....she owns the credit to my all time FAV haircut. I had it once. Look here....
To be honest, just looking at it makes me wish I’d cut my hair again...but it has gotten so long. It’s hard choices!
11.  I want a pug. I think they are the cutest dogs EVER!
12. I love, always have, and probably always will love dark nails....a chocolate brown or black. But, I chew my nails and never keep them long enough to look manicured so it just looks sloppy and sad on me. I still think it looks good on others! (unless you have claw nails...then it’s too much!)

13.  I absolutely love sleep! Although parenting has taught me to function on minimal sleep, if I could get 12 hours straight I’d take it in a heart beat....I’d sleep until noon on a Saturday if the kids would let me. Not all the time.....just once in a while!
14.  I’ve struggled with smoking since I lit my first cigarette at 13. Yep, I was that young and although today I strive to live a healthy lifestyle and run regularly....I still fight the battle. I’m not perfect....never claimed to be!
15. As much as I miss home (America), if the amount of money we need to travel back to visit came through....I’d be seriously torn between taking the vacation back home or paying for my accounting degree. It’s just enough money to cover getting me started in school....and I’d probably be tempted to take the studies. I just figure if I got a degree I’d have a better income and go visit much more.

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Shana Danae..


  1. It's always great to learn about the bloggers I follow. I love Mexican food, dark nails and Starbucks, too!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Mexican food is probably my all time favorite! ;-0




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