Friday, 25 October 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up W42

To begin with...let me officially introduce Durky Dog!

The closer we get to December....the more I realize how fast our lives are moving! A year ago I was beginning to plan my maternity leave and finalize to move into our house.

Now....I’m attempting to plan two birthdays, prepare for Christmas, and finalize vacation plans! We’re headed to Durban to our grandparents the third week in November! I will be absent from the blog for a week...but never fret my fellow friends, I will definitely miss you!
While I’m away, I’m hoping that some of you lovelies will be willing to step up for some guest post spots! Let me know....Please! ;-)

Oh...and two birthdays! Boy, did Hubby and I plan our kids wrong! Just kidding...they are perfect despite their birth dates! LJ will be turning the big one 12 December. We then have a 13 day gap until Christmas and a whopping 12 days later is Lil Misters third birthday!

Lil Mister on his 2nd birthday and LJ 1 month old! They're growing so quickly!
 It’s taking it’s toll at this point. I love birthdays and always want my childrens to be something they remember as a great day!

LJ we are planning a Storybook Once Upon a Time theme. It will be later in the afternoon complete with twinkle lights and blues and gold’s.

Lil Mister is having a bug bash! We’re planning bee hive piƱatas and giant caterpillars to crawl through. I am so excited......just hoping I get everything done! If you have any ideas for these themes....let me know!

My favorite Tweets of the week:
The day after it has rained properly is always so beautiful.

My superman of a husband took Piper to the pediatrician alone this morning to I could sleep. Thankful for a partner who is selfless.

My favorite posts of the week:
colorful commotionStevie shares some awesome sweaters with us on Colorful Commotion! Her style is so universal and amazing! You'll love to see her picks!
a.k.a. Chymecindy

And if you haven't already head over to A.k.a. Chymecindy to enter this fantastic cash giveaway!

So, here’s a little insight to what you missed this week!

Saturday we looked at the humorous reality of our relationship with coffee....that’s all us coffee lovers!

Sunday I expressed my honest faith that God will sort out our lives. This is definitely something I need to focus on lately!

I’ve been seeing so many new faces pop up lately. Whether on Facebook, Twitter or Bloglovin I know you’re there! And I just want to say thank you! I love meeting new readers! So, Tuesday I took some time to reintroduce myself through a few random facts!

I also participated in a new link up that I’m just loving! It is called Tuesday Tunes and you link up that song that is just stuck in your head! I get so excited looking to see what others are linking up!

Wednesday brought us to Wordless Wednesday! How can you not enjoy some water play?!? We were all a little bit red lobsters after that afternoon!
I often wonder in the midst of chaos, dirty nappies and tantrums....why did I have two of them? Then I see moments like this...and it all makes since! Because they love each other and we love them! That's enough for me!
Thursday....I was so blessed to receive a Sunshine Blogger Award and was excited to start my first linky! I love reading the random questions that get asked and peoples responses to them. So, I figured how about a linky....a never ending linky where we can continue to link up the next generation of Sunshine Blogger Awards! Have you received this award from someone in the past? Well, find that post and link it up!

Please stick around the weekend for another Saturday Funny and Sunday Inspiration! And as always I love to hear from you! Have you stopped by the Prayer Power page lately? We’ve got some amazing stories in the power of God!

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Shana Danae..


  1. Your boys are sooo cute! Good luck with the party planning. Hop on Pinterest. You'll probably find a ton of ideas on there!

  2. Wow! You are going to have a busy holiday season every year with birthdays - but how exciting! The storybook theme sounds like fun, looking forward to seeing the result!

  3. Thanks so much! Yes, it's very busy! That is why I start planning early! haha I'll share everything...promise!

  4. Thank you! I'm on pinterest constantly! Lol I think I might be addicted!




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