Monday, 21 January 2013

Lil Mister turned 2!!

Okay...I'm sure every mom says this but...
it really does seem like it was just yesterday that I was holding my Lil Mister for the first time!
Now he's 2!!

It hardly seems possible or real! He is changing more and more by the day. I can't believe how large his vocab has become. Nor that he is doing so well in BOTH languages.
He is an amazing big brother and has put all my fears aside.
I'm proud to be his mommy!
As he gets older though, my fears for his life become stronger. I worry about this world that he is growing up in. I fret over the opportunities both good and bad that will come his way. I wonder about the people that he will cross paths with. I envision the roads he will choose to walk.
I pray every day and every night that I am raising him to be the man God set him to be. I pray that I am doing my role and that I am making him proud to be my son!
I've tried many times to think of the words to say all that I feel about being a mother, but I believe that one song does it best.

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