Tuesday, 15 January 2013

You just can't believe it....

So I’ve done it!

I know you thought I wouldn’t, but I do enjoy proving people wrong.
Oh, you of little faith.
How could you ever doubt me?

I get it. You thought I was different. You figured I wasn’t the type to follow a trend. You assumed that I was the one who would buck tradition.

Well....you were wrong!
Actually I’m not sorry. Not even a little bit!

I wanted to do it since I first stumbled upon blogging. It is what got me interested to begin with. No, it’s not about popularity.

Simply put, it is because of this gold mine that I even learnt how in love with blogging I could be.

My first time I cried tears of joy and of pain. Nothing I’d ever read had evoked so much emotion, familiarity, empathy from my heart.

As I perused the virtual isles of other women (and some men) pouring their souls into what could only be described as an over sharing of highly personal information, I became lost and engorged in the idea that I, too, wanted to spill my wordfilled virtual guts out for all to read.

I had the idea that what I was writing was, well, just so darn necessary for my sanity that I needed to get it out there.

Someone had to know what I was going through. Someone out there had to be able to relate!

Then I hit the lull. I’ve fought through it. It hasn’t been easy. Bloggers block has taken me to some dark places. Lucky for all of you I’ve managed to keep them from your prying eyes. I fear the nightmares you would tell me about and the therapy bills that would find their ways to my inbox!

Yet, we’ve gotten through it. I’ve been at this for almost four months and well...you guys are still allowing me to! No getting booed of the virtual stage just yet I hope!

What is it I’ve done? Oh....I’m not sure you’re prepared. Okay if you insist. But you better say please!
What’s that?? Oh, please! Okay....I’ve...
I’ve joined Top Mommy Blogs!! Hehe YAY!

See that little banner down at the bottom. Yea that one right there!!! Go clickity click all over that bad boy! You know you want to....just touch it....just once....a day. Help a sister out!

Oh and while you’re at it you can clickity click on that google+ and facebook/twitter tabs too! Oh yea....it feels good doesn’t it! ;-)

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