Monday, 23 June 2014

8 Inspirations for a Safari Themed Toddler Room

So....we finally got a house after what felt like forever of searching! As usual, I leave it to Hubby (since he was already there) to make the decision. And truthfully, I think he did amazing!

It’s a grassroof just outside of town. There is huge open land for us to relax with and only one neighbor (whom also has children!). The kitchen is big and open and a decent sized lounge and best of all....below our maximum budget price!

Along with this move comes the opportunity for us to finally begin arranging our house to our liking. We’ve put off any real decorating with the kids being so young, but now I think...I know I can finally start this project!

Of course, I’m going to start in the kids room. We are doing small adjustments in other areas of the house but I want to begin yet buy ourselves a little more time before investing money into a lounge suite that they are going to destroy! ;-) If I begin in their room, by the time I reach the lounge they will be old enough!

I don’t know if you remember me posting about the bedding MIL made last year. I’m still loving this and think that I can make this work with the grassroof of the house! Safari all the way!

Here are a few of my ideas:

1)      We need mosquito net in the rooms in the summer. What a cute idea to create this tent like atmosphere...
2)      I don’t like the curtains trailing the floor but I am in love with the holders! I pray MIL can recreate this!
3)      We have friends who can work wonders with pallets! I can’t wait to do this for the boys!
4)      I have been dying to start a growth chart for the boys! The only difference I plan is that I want to create this on pallets to match the previous sign and so I can take it with if we move one day!
5)      I specifically am loving this book case! We will have a separate play room for the boys but I still want books in their bedroom. This is so simple to recreate.
6)      Obviously living in South Africa I can’t just go buy this identical rug...but I will be doing internet searches for something similar!
7)      MIL still has material left over from the boys’ bedding. I am hoping to achieve something along this lines for their walls.
8)      And what would a safari bedroom be without the large animals!?!?!
Overall, these are the basics. I want to ensure bright colors to keep with their bedding but bring in more of the natural feel. Maybe a potplant or two...a Nice tree in the corner.

I want to create a room where they enjoy themselves but still feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe! It’s also great if the room is capable of transitioning with them as they grow older and more mature. I.e. the mosquito net will move with new bedding as they get older and the sign is something they can always keep!

Do your children have a theme room? If so, what is it? What inspired you?

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Shana Danae..


  1. I love their bedding. Very cute! My son's room is Mickey Mouse and Spiderman. We painted the walls blue and my husband painted the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on one wall and I painted a cityscape with chalkboard paint on another. We got Mickey and Spiderman decals and put them on each wall. My son loves it! My daughter's room is still her nursery, but it's pink and purple butterflies so it will last awhile.

    1. That sounds SO adorable! Everything I want to do will take a while but it is great to have something in mind! I also love the idea of a room being able to carry them through a few age stages like your daughters room!




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