Monday, 2 June 2014

New House Pinspiration: A Step on the Wild Side

As you all know...we are moving the weekend! Yay! I am so excited. One thing Hubby and I have been discussing is how we really need to start getting a sense of style into our home. With the kids being so little, we have invested very little time or money into decorating. Now they are getting older and we feel we can begin!

This new home requires a completely different style than what we have like previously. It is a grass roof house and therefore we want to maintain the sense of natural essence of the home. It blends with the nature around it and we want to incorporate that within.

I’ve been gaining a lot of inspiration from nature itself and from the lodges that are around these parts. We are going to stick with neutral colors in the lounge/ dining area with a pop of color here and there. Have a peek at my inspiration....

1)    I’m loving the look of a neutral lounge suit with that pop of color! We have a Lazy Boy that needs reupholstered and I really think this deep red can do the trick! Additionally, I am dying for a fire place with as cold as it gets here in the winter. With a grass roof that is out of the question but I’m seriously considering a faux fire place for next winter!
2)    Our dining room is open planned with the lounge. Keeping in with the neutrals and reds, I want to build a bench seat such as the one pictured for underneath the window in the dining room.
3)    Although we do not want to continue the safari theme throughout the house, a pop of it will blend in each area. I am craving an ottoman such as this zebra printed one! Alternatively, you can imagine a spot or two of other animal print in the form of throw pillows or a painting.
4)    We have a cast iron table with lions carved on the sides of it at home. I am thinking to redo the top of it to make it more natural (i.e. a wooden top) and place it such as this behind a couch with African artifacts and candels.
5)    Bowls like these are easy to come by around us. I would love to arrange something similar in the wall of our dining room next to the wall with the window bench!
6)    I absolutely adore this! However, I would not have the couch there. Replace the painting with our TV and you have the ideal entertainment center. A table at the bottom reflecting the same idea as that already built with maybe a couple of plants.....
7)    Are these lamps not the best? I want to recreate this from driftwood. We already have two small table lamps made from driftwood at home! In addition, I want to incorporate this into the side tables as well

8)    Continuing with this, I want a dining room table such as this! With the bench underneath the window! How great!
9)    Finally, we will combine it all with just a few African touches. Cultural items are easy to find here and even more common are paintings similar to the ones below. Just a few (3 or 4) items spread between the dining room and lounge will complete the look!
And last but not really about my cool would these be leading from the lounge down the hall where I will later bring into picture more of the safari we plan to incorporate!

While on the note of lodge/African inspired decoration....I will leave you dreaming of a bedroom such as this!

Do you have a style to your lounge or is it just a combination of your personalities? What tips do you have when redecorating?

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Shana Danae..


  1. I love the styles you picked out! they all would look great. I love the roof of your new house, how cool! I'm stopping by from the blog hop. I hope your having a great Monday!

    1. I know right! The grassroof is pretty common here but it is totally new to me! I'm loving it!

  2. Your new house looks great! I love seeing others' decor ideas and get inspiration for my own home.

  3. I love the driftwood tables. They are so beautiful.




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