Monday, 9 June 2014

Who Am I

To ask a person who they are is a question that implies more than simply a name. A single title will neither create a full sum of what defines a person nor accurately describe what they think of themselves. To define myself as to whom I am, verses what I am, and is a vast valley of worth. In essence, I am being asked to equate self-value into what makes me the person I am. How very personal of a question that is. How little we know of ourselves may very well surprise most of us.

I am first a mother. It has taken more than giving birth to make me a mother. It is a choice I make upon awakening. It is the decision that I will live out my life in such a way as to give my children a mother they can be proud of. It is the realization that my life is no longer my own and that my consequences lay in the hands of those little beings following me. This is the greatest responsibility I have ever owned but take it with great pride.

I am a wife. This is not a title for my marital status. It is the definition of how I carry myself, treat my partner, and view my worth. There is a man in this world that has placed my companionship at a level worthy enough to be chosen to share his life with. There are no longer two separate lives but one entity being lived out through two people. How I resent myself in character and reputation is a direct factor in how my husband will be received in society. I live my life to better and edify my husband, our family and our character.

However, I am still an individual. There is none like me for I was created especially by the hand of God to be exactly who He wanted me to be. I have likes and dislikes, but even greater than these I have passions. The ability to be creative is a passion. It is a physical need to feed my soul that runs through my body like the warm, life giving blood I my veins. I can fulfil this need in many forms.

Photography is an ability in which expresses much joy. The act of capturing, forever frozen, in time an image that is capable of reaching out and grabbing the hearts of many places a smile on my face. Music is another outlet for creativity. It inspires and uplifts the soul when blocked and dreary. Music changes the beat of my heart. It allows me to escape to another place in my mind and release the bottled up emotions, thoughts, and desires that my heart cannot alone sort.

I am actually quite simple. A classic mess is what some would deem it. I can never quite seem to piece each part of my day together and fly by the curtails of my pants to accomplish the thoughts I my head. I look much like a very busy bee in the mornings and an over worked sloth in the evenings. I feel quarrelled with myself and the world around me. In my head north is south and east is west and the only way to get where I am going is by traveling through where I’ve been.

I loose myself in a good book or any book for that matter. The visions that fill my mind are so much more vivid from reading than any film can provide. Travel is addictive and captivation of one’s person. It changes me entirely every time whether for a short distance or an entire movement. I long to travel the world and learn all the manners in which different cultures can add to the depth of my life and of my families lives. Yet, I still find the sea and the beach to be the most serene, calm and invigorating places God ever created.

I am most comfortable in natural places of all. Being by water, in the bust, or in simple garden will reinvent my spirit ore that a building ever could. To put it plainly, I am a trapped artist. I am a girl who is more at home in jeans and a t-shirt than dressed up. I love modern life but only if I can add a vintage touch. I am by far the most pathetic hopeless romantic and avid dreamers. I believe there is more to this life than we typically acknowledge. I am constantly learning, ever changing, and impossibly hi-strung inside. I share all of this with an unbelievable husband and extremely hopeful children. With this I am content.

This is who I am if you must be so personal. Who are you?

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Shana Danae..

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