Monday, 18 August 2014

6 Summer Time Inspirations

As the winter is finally winding down here in South Africa (I'm bracing myself for one more cold front), I feel myself getting amped for summer!

For me, summer embodies everything I love. From the warmer temperatures to the more sociable people all the way to the unplanned camping trips. I love the freedom summer brings both in wardrobe and events as well as the comfort of a big glass of sweet tea and a new book! Summer is filled with laughter and memories; braai's and pools! Honestly, I can't wait!

Hubby and I of course have already started planning all our to-dos and wish lists. But it really becomes quite simple. I wanted to share with you my summer inspirations!

1) The first check mark in our to-do list will be a lot of camping! Hubby and I have already found new spots in our new town and cannot wait to pack the car and be nomads for the weekend! Nothing is more relaxing to me then sitting by the water, enjoying the time with friends and family, and having no agenda!

2) Of course summer wouldn't be inspired without some awesome clothes! I'm really wanting to focus on my wardrobe, creating one that is functional both in and out of work! I'm loving the white tops with spots of color! It feels relaxed and looks great! Here are my inspirations....

3) Summer wouldn't be complete without a new swimsuit...I'm really into the one pieces! 
(left: (right:

4) I need to update my hair as well! I love my curls and length but want something fresh and simple for summer....what do you think? 

5) What would summer be without an amazing cocktail? Check out this mojito recipe along with more....

6) Summer wouldn't be summer around here without the goals this summer is memories. Those small moments that pass by in an instant. The camping trips, the bike rides, the kites and lemonades....each special, fleeting moment will be filled with joy, love and laughter.

I know I can't be the only one that loves summer! Stop by and tell me all about your inspirations! 

What is your favorite summer inspiration?

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