Friday, 29 August 2014

On the menu: My Fridge Food

Hey, peeps! How was your week? 

Each Friday I strive to bring you something new from the Organized Chaos kitchen. In addition to that, I'm going to start listing out what we've been eating throughout the week! That way if there was a previous recipe can check it out! You can always find old meals on the Recipes page!

On The OC Menu
Fri: Vetkoek and mince
Sat: Lentil Shephards Pie
Sun: Beef, rice, green beans and carrots
Mon: Spaghetti
Tues: Scrambled Eggs & Pilchards
Wed: Curry & Rice

This week I'm skipping a menu item! I know, I know! I'm so sorry! But I have something much more fascinating to bring you!

I've tried many ways of planning and budgeting and honestly, the biggest methods each eventually come to an end. These last couple months have been particularly hard for us. We took a chance for a promotion for my Hubby and although it has meant more income it's also meant higher expenses (meaning we had to start paying rent when I left my previous job in which our house was a benefit!). 

With this meant more budget cuts! I had to cut our groceries in half (from an already decreased budget of about 30% on what we'd previously been spending!). I thought I was having a panic attack that first day after grocery shopping. 

After that, it actually started becoming so difficult for me to have any idea what to make for dinner. My options seemed so limited and it was just boring! Then a friend let me on to the greatest website I've seen since my own (haha j/k). But seriously, peeps, this is an awesome little gift! gives you a seemingly unlimited checklist of food items. It is broken down into categories such as canned food, beverages, spices, meat and so on. You simply scroll through clicking everything you have in your house! 
When you're done, and you may have things not listed, that's okay; you submit your list. It then gives you page after page of recipes you can make simply with what you already have! As you scroll through the pages you may need to buy one small item to complete a recipe or the item may just be something you can interchange for another item!

It is amazing! Each week I choose what I still have left and allow this website to generate an entire meal plan with what I already have! It has helped me save tons of money, honestly, and got my creative juices flowing a bit!
If you're like me, you struggle to follow a recipe exactly, it's okay! I also tweek things! But try it out and let me know what you think! Have a great weekend?

Do you have a go to recipe for that month end throw together meal? What is one item you always have NO matter what?

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Shana Danae..


  1. This is so awesome! You should link it up to Good Food Friday on the blog today! I'm definitely going to check out that website.

  2. I am plugging my info in as I type. This is a fantastic way to "use UP" what is left hanging out that I don't know what to do with.




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