Monday, 22 October 2012

22 things....

22 things I want my boys to know

1. Running is Fun! You can save thousands on therapy just by hitting the pavement! It’s food for your body, mind, and soul. Just you and your run.

2. God is Love. It is because of Him we know what love is and how to love. Develop a relationship with God and you will understand love for the rest of your life.

3. I will never judge you! You are my heart and soul. You can tell me anything or be anyone. I will always love you just the same.

4. Never give up. This world is going to throw a lot at you. It will try to bring you down to your knees for it. Just keep moving forward!

5. The World is mean. Yet, you can be more than that. People are going to be mean but you don’t have to be! Life isn’t fair but it will make you stronger!

6. Take the road less traveled. In school and in adulthood, it is going to seem easy and even appealing to go with the crowd. Don’t! Stick to your guns. Follow your goals and use your values and morals to guide you! Let God be your map!

7. Springboks are our boys. We will debate Cheetahs or Blue Bulls. We will argue which football team we like. BUT we always cheer for our country! No matters what men make up that team, from which province, Springboks are our boys!

8. It’s not the hit you give but the one you take. It is easy to talk big. It can even be easy to throw a punch or two. But it is the one that comes back that always leaves its mark.

9. It’s okay to cry! There is no such thing as men don’t cry. If you keep it all in, it builds up and leaves no room for love.

10. Write and write often. Our words are the biggest legacy we leave behind. Whether you blog one day or keep a journal or write letters to your loved ones, write something. It is expression, it is release, and it will be a treasured keepsake to those you love!
11. Travel and travel well. There is so much beauty and creativity and love in this world. If you get a chance to travel, do it! Take some time and be a visitor in someone else’s land. Learn from them.

12. Be the best you can be in everything. There is never an excuse to not give your best and absolutely everything you do! If you play sports you play and practice at 100%. You put your all into your school work. When you fall in love, there are no off days! It doesn’t mean you’ll be perfect but you’ll never look back and say if only!

13. Explore the outdoors. Take time and take it often to just be in nature. Walk, run, sit and stare. Just experience what God has created around you so that you can appreciate what you are to take care of.

14. The house is not just a woman’s responsibility! If you can dirty a dish, you can wash a dish. If you can clean your body, you can clean the shower. If your wife works outside the home then you can work inside the home! Your wife will be a lot happier at night if you get up and do something for her!

15. Wine is always a good answer! No I’m not advocating getting drunk! But if your wife asks do I look fat in this, you ask her what wine she wants with the dinner your cooking!

16. Learn to laugh, especially at yourself. Laughter is the best medicine in your life. It is your go-to guy. It is the universal language.

17. Learn to appreciate what you have. Jealousy is hideous. Whenever you are feeling self pity or jealousy for what others have, go spend some time doing something for those less fortunate than you. You will learn to be thankful.

18. Girls like discretion. You will find girls that like the party, the strong tough guys, and the game, but the woman you want will seek more! Learn to protect and stand up for your love without physical altercation. She will respect you.

19. Marry a woman you can pray with! Sex is great but it isn’t everything. There will be countless girls you’re attracted to and that are attracted to you. But when you find the one you can get on your knees with keep her. The prayer is what will get you through the years, not the sex.

20. Say sorry only when you mean it! Don't be stubborn and refuse to apologize because of pride. But don't use the word to get away with what you want. If you're going to do the same thing again, don't even bother apologizing. And when you do apologize make sure you know why you are sorry!

21. Talk it out. Don't leave the things that bother you until they are a huge ball of anger. Talk it out. If you can't talk about, write a letter! Sometimes it's easier that way!

22. You can ALWAYS come home. No matter where you are, what you’ve done, or what has happened…you can always come home! I will always be your home! I will always accept you!


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