Thursday, 4 October 2012

Week 29

One week closer to running again!!! Surprisingly this has snuck up on me! It feels like just yesterday we found all of this out and were so caught off guard. Now we're in the third trimester and anxiously awaiting our new delivery!! I don't know where my mind has been and although we are prepared for the most part I still can't seem to understand how I have so much left to do! We've been down this road before. We've got the why does it seem so different this time? I tried packing hospital bags this weekend but just can't seem to decide what to take and what not to take. I have no idea if I'll be ready on time. I'm probably going to have my waters break while standing next to a tractor at work and need to call my husband to take me home and get things ready! LoL Oh well...another week down 11 to go!!

Total Weight Gain: 14 pounds!

This week, Baby is the size of a: head of califlower!!!

How far along? 29 weeks, 5 das
Due date: 15 Dec 2012
Total weight gain/loss: +1 lb
Maternity clothes? Nope....I'm way WAY too stubborn!!
Sleep: I sleep like a coma patient!! Even Lil Mister is starting to sleep more at night! Love IT!!
Best moment this week: When I set up LJ's crib, Lil Mister came and tried to climb in claiming it was his. Now this was true...6 months ago. But now we sleep in a big-boy bed. I calmly explained this is now where LJ will dudu and Liam dudu's here next to LJ in Liam's big boy bed. Liam immediately climbed in his bed patted the pillow and said "Liam LJ dudu" In his language this meant they are both sleeping together! hehe LJ is officially Lil Misters friend! (11 weeks away! ;-])
Food cravings: OMW...MEXICAN!! And not the faux-thentic mex I can make at home! I miss Mi Pueblito, the genuine Mex restaurant from back home where my family ate like every EVERY weekend and I was friends with the owners sons! Yea that REAL Mexican...:-(
Movement: He is actually making me sore...:-(
Symptoms: LJ is all up in my back lately!! I'm considering alternative methods j/k but really!
Labor Signs: Nope!
Stretch Marks: nope and we’re working hard to keep it that way!
Swelling? Just my feet and ankles face seems a little swollen as well :-/
Belly Button in or out? its definitely almost out.

What I miss: breathing normally!! I've officially transferred into the full on "out of breath just tying my shoes" stage and I'm not liking it. Oh and still running!
Feeling toward Pregnancy: It has gone by so much more quickly than Lil Mister. I'm getting the nervousness!!
What I am looking forward to: LJ's first smile. Okay I know it is far away but heck it was one of the most precious moments with Lil Mister!
Milestones: I set the crib back up!! I'm busy looking for a compactum like Lil Misters' because I've turned his into a dresser (works wonderful!!) so...Now I need a NEW one for LJ!! ;-) Check the awesome bedding! It was Hubby's and then Lil Misters and now I'm using it for LJ!! Then we pack it away until the boys use it one day again!!

View inside!!

I love the little ribbons the MIL did on our mosquito net!
 News: Can you believe that Dr. Ridiculous (that is what I call him...Lil Mister calls him Oom Doc) still does not have a working sonar machine?? I mean, really, WTF?!?! How hard can it be to get the darn thing fixed?? How do you break a sonar in the first place? So, I don't want to waste precious medical aid for a doctors visit which can only accomplish HALF of what I need done so again we wait! Hopefully this week something will happen....don't hold your breath people! (I will not be responsible for you passing out!)


 4-6 Tommy Tippee bottles (I’m not using Liams again) (I've acquired 2 this week!!)
 Dummy
Toweling nappies (Just need to embroider them now!)
 Hats
Stage 2 diapers
 Stage 3 diapers

Wet wipes** I like to stock up
 Breast pads (I have one pack now so I'm waiting to see how the breast feeding goes this round!)
 Aqueous cream
 Baby powder
 Baby oil
 Bum cream
 New monitors
 Nipple cream
Face cloths
 Pharmacy stock (Panado, tissue salts, boscopan, ect)
****Things I’d like to have*****
 New breast pump (mine does the job but isn’t the most comfortable)
 Microwave sterilizer
 2x more blankets
 2x more receiving blankets
 New nappy bag
 2x new towels

 Coming Home Outfit (Need wool! A friend is going to crochet a jacket and hat and booties for him! Then we'll just wear a vest and white pants!)
 2x summer jammies

3-6 MONTHS (this is where I gave a lot of Liams stuff away!)
 12x vests (4 long sleeve) (I got 2!!)
 4x cotton pants (with feet)
 2x summer jammies
 4-6x T-shirts
 3-5x Rompers (I got 1!!)
 3-5x Onesies (I got 2!!)

6-12 MONTHS (this is a season change from winter to summer for us! 3 months in each season)
 2x Winter jammies
 3x summer jammies
 2x jackets
 4x cotton pants
 3x shorts
 2x long sleeves
 6x short sleeves
 12x vests
 2x Rompers

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