Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I Am.....

I orginally found this blog at YKIHAYHT and since I do absolutely love her blogs I knew I had to repeat it. It was stored away for today! It is a quick brain jog. It is simple. It is fun. It is a great piece of writing to keep for the days when you need a little self motivation. They idea is to be POSITIVE!
The rules are easy:
Write for 5 minutes without stopping. No editing, no proof reading, no checking.
When you're done hopefully you'll post it and share with us!
I know...it seems like SO MUCH right! It's not! We all want our blogs to appear so laid out and perfected but here is a chance to be real and be proud of it! So Go For It!!!

I am Shana.
I am a mother.
I am a wife.
I am a daughter.
I am a child of God.
I am unique. Not in the sense that I am so different from the average mom/wife but that God specifically designed me for a purpose.
I am seeking. I am seeking answers to lifes big questions. I am seeking ways to show my boys how to be Godly men. I am seeking peace. I am seeking me.
I am a runner...although I can't right now. It is in my body like blood or bones! I need it like I need oxygen.
I am a girl who loves to laugh. Sorry to all the sappy romantics but I'll choose a comedy any day. I think laughter feeds the soul! It is good for us!
I am a hopeless romantic. No matter how bad things get I believe in my marriage and I believe in my love at first sight husband. I believe in us.
I am a faithful person. I talk a lot and that makes people think that I spill everything, but this isn't true. I am faithful to my husband. I am faithful to the secrets shared between friends. I am faithful to my word once given. I am faithful to myself and my values.
I am American!! Whoa...that was something I never thought I'd be ashamed of and am SO So proud I got over it! I am AMERICAN!
I am also South African. I love this country. I am glad to raise my children here. I am excited to put that on my name!
I am creative.
I am a planner...obsessively.
I am goal oriented. There are goals and places I want myself and my family to be. Everything I do is focused on achieving those goals!
I am a person who tends to put myself last! Yes although I eat healthy and workout I always find ways to do that around what my husband, kids, parents and siblings need first! We are a big happy family in one house and you know what...I don't even mind being last! (MIL and I compete for that spot because we LOVE seeing our family happy!)
I am a loving and caring person.
I am in love with my husband.
I am Shana.

Shew that wasn't so hard and I wrote much more than I thought!! I hope that you can take from this what you need, learn a little about me, and do it for yourself!! Have fun!

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