Monday, 29 October 2012

Carnival Shmarnival

A couple of weeks back the crèche that my son attends held a carnival day at the local high school. I have to say that it was quite fun for Hubby Dearest and I but Lil Mister enjoyed the festivities the most. However, I came to realize something about my dear son that I wonder if other parents also battle with!

At school, at home, and when we go to a friends house Lil Mister is extremely social! He runs around, disobeying every command in true toddler fashion. He jumps, climbs, and laughs. He is happy to show off and express his many talents (boat noises, cow noises and other of the like.) We are often sporting goofy smiles as we gleam in the light of our clever and outgoing son!

So when the opportunity came about to spend a Saturday afternoon exhausting our Lil Mister in jumping castles and sporting games all while surrounded by lekka food, clowns, and tons of friends we jumped without hesitation! When we arrived the friends were already spread out and enjoying themselves with absolute fullness. Lil Mister of course took off in a full sprint held on to Daddy for dear life as we headed towards the action! Every time Hubby Dearest tried to put Lil Mister down to do something we were met with fierce refusal and forcible clinging! Where was our social able and fun loving little boy??

I still cannot understand this. Never have we been concerned about taking Lil Mister out of his environment. Last month when we made the trip to the Free State you’d have thought Lil Mister had known these people since the day he was born! He ran around their houses, played with their toys and willingly gave hugs and kisses. He was not phased in the slightest as we ploughed from one old friend to the next. How is it, then, in a place designed to be a kid inspired heaven with color, jumping, running, balls, ice cream, candy, and friends was he trying to simultaneously choke his father while burying his face?

So, in true excellent desperate Mommy style, I suggested sugar loaded treats to obtain some energy and willingness! Oh what a great Mommy! ;-) It started to change his mood a little bit. He picked out an apple sucker which landed on the ground more than in his mouth and a car filled with little sweets that I can’t imagine are any good other than that a child knows it’s candy! We at least got him looking around a bit!

Then it happened! What I actually least expected (or never considered) but should have known all along! He found a friend…a girlfriend of sorts! We located the stand that his school had set up. There he first saw his teacher! This woman has been his caregiver since he was 6 months old when I furiously ripped him from the school he had been in to obtain a loving place in her home! (A story for an aggressive day!) She has been a savior to us and him at times! When he was sick he would still willingly go to her. When he was hospitalized, she messaged everyday to see how we were. She was one of the first to know he was going to be a big brother! And when she closed her daycare in her home to move to a crèche, Lil Mister was the first signed up to follow. She knows as much about his likes and dislikes as any of us and was even in tears as she witnessed his first steps!

What I had not accounted for was that her daughter who is a little less than a year older that Lil Mister has also been a constant in his life! Apparently they have befriended each other in a most adorable fashion and tend to be quite caring. Lil Sweetie shares with Lil Mister, involves him in all games, and is the first to great him in the mornings at school! So they were quite content to play in the pool (actually intended for a fishing game) as to join the others in various activities!

Mommy and Hubby Dearest breathe a sigh of relief as we can finally enjoy a cold Coke and relax at the knowledge we aren’t torturing our son by forcing what should be extravagant toddler activities down his throat!

But I was very serious that he would participate in his first race! He was already signed up and we were just waiting our turn! The directors come and get us and from the get go he seemed pretty amped…as long as Daddy ran with!
After the race, in which he received a medal and a certificate, he realized his Monkeynastics group was there! This is an activity group he does every week to help build his motor skills and team skills. The wonderful girls in which teach him say he is very VERY good! (In my head I’m going I know but in real life I smile and give a considerate thank you!) He definetly has a bit of his mommy’s running passion. Just after his race he jumps on the treadmill!
We move on at his desire to a balance beam and then realize that this giant bouncy ball is a favorite!

Then…THEN! Then Lil Mister saw the Playball set up! Lil Mister can only join Playball at two so the activities are a little advanced for him…so we thought! He sees the hoola hoop. The lovely woman in charge of Playball comes over and shows him how to roll it. And we’re off again!

After that he impresses all of us with some more balancing skills (he actually grabs bricks at home and puts them in a line to do this on his own!).

A little more ball skills are presented as Daddy teaches him to play t-ball!

And basketball!
We end the afternoon with a little bit of kick ball with his best friend from school!
It was a most enjoyable afternoon and I’m so glad to know that my son has friends! They actually go looking for him! It is so cute!

I’m still not sure why the clinginess as it isn’t something we had encountered before. Maybe it was just a lot going on or maybe it has to do with Mommy’s pregnancy…what ever it is have any of you mommy’s or daddy’s gone through the same? How do you help your toddler adjust?


  1. He's absolutely adorable! My daughter can be so Jekyl and Hyde! She's outgoing one day then shy and hiding behind me the next. I learned that I can't predict her mood so I don't even try. But I do bride her with junk too so don't feel too bad about that!

    1. They are very unpredictable! Thank you!! I think junk food is secretly a Mommy's best friend (next to wine!)

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