Friday, 26 October 2012

Weekend Dreams

It was Friday afternoon. She meticulously counted the minutes on the clock as they dragged past her in a daze. Her nails were polished to perfection. Her hair was placed perfectly in the latest up-do from pinterest! She had already picked out her clothes for the evening and they sat screaming at her from under her desk! Those heels were ready for the night. She had a hot date. She had friends to meet up with and share the juicy news.

Saturday would come. It would mean a lazy morning of sleeping in, coffee and breakfast in bed, and then shopping in town for the latest trends. Saturday night would bring more wine, more laughs, and more good times.

All of this would come to head on Sunday when her and her love spent the day lounging in pajamas and watching terrible movies while eating nothing nutritious but everything absolutely delicious. They would spend hours in each others arms not worrying about the world outside….

Oh…shizz! Lunch is almost over. Okay in reality it is Friday afternoon and I am counting the minutes. But they aren’t dragging as much as they are zooming past so quickly I fear I won’t get everything done…as usual. I dread that 5 o’clock mark as much as I look forward to it! Why you ask??? WELL, let me clue you in since you are so curious! I crave 5 o’clock all month long because I rush home to my Lil Mister and Hubby Dearest! I spend the evening with family and laughing at whatever new ‘trick’ Lil Mister has decided to share with us (like going pee-pee in his potty!!!). However, today….today is payday! Most would say whoo-hoo. Not me. That means that at 5 o’clock we pile in the bukkie and head to the grocery store because yes I sent the last of Lil Misters nappies to school today! I also opened the last of the milk….and yogurt :-/. I dread this monthly shopping trip because as I swipe our bank card the wind is knocked out of me and I can taste a bit of yesterdays lunch in my mouth (I think motherhood either makes your metabolism run like a speed demon or basically stop all together!). It also means that Lil Mister will want a new truck or bike or boat or tractor or something else with wheels that is probably going to break before we get home!

In reality my nails aren’t painted. Actually I have been chewing the nail polish that is still left over from the wedding on Saturday! My hair was thrown haphazardly into a pony before work and there isn’t a speck of makeup on my face. As for heels, LJ would laugh himself into labor if I even considered attempting anything more than flip flops (thank God it’s summer!).

Saturday will come. It will come at 5am when Lil Mister wanders into my room and asks for cookies and Noddy! Hubby Dearest will not be here to make coffee or breakfast as he is fishing the weekend. I will attempt to drink my coffee before it is cold and demand that Lil Mister eat his porridge after I had already succumb to his whines for cookies (5am is just to early for rational thinking!) There will be no lounging as we have a picnic to attend with multiple other screaming children this weekend! Thank God for other mommies! I will have peace in between juice and crackers while older children drag my son through who knows what…do I smell poo???

Sunday will involve rushing into church 5 minutes late (ok at least I do look forward to church!). Getting home to help MIL cook Sunday dinner. Laundry. Dishes. More poop….where does it all come from!! Bath time and attempting to get Lil Mister back into routine for school. How does 48 hours every weekend manage to mess EVERY THING up for Sunday night!?!?

If I’m lucky I’ll have stored enough energy while pretending to watch Barney for the 800th time to “be in the mood” Sunday night!....oh who am I kidding…

I’m going to love every minute of this because….

Shopping trip means buying things for Lil Mister and LJ which gets me giddy. Grocerys means I can sneak some chocolate and wine that I WILL enjoy to it’s fullest one glass that I’m allowed while I soak in the bath because Hubby is going to be gone as of 2am Saturday…HE OWES ME A BATH! I might even score a massage! Whoo-hoo.

A new toy, albeit broken, means a smile on Lil Misters face. I can’t pass that up!

I will spend Saturday afternoon bonding with moms and watching my son develop friendships with others in families devoted to God.

Sunday I will gladly and joyfully worship and get some great fellowship time with those wonderful moms I will see tomorrow. I have MIL to help Sunday afternoon and will most likely crash on the couch with Lil Mister during his nap.

No my nails wont get polished and I’ll probably be too lazy to even bother shaving while in my bath, but heck I love being a mom! Lets go Friday!


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