Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Easter Weekend....

It’s been a bit of a transition for us, not living with our parents that is.
I love having my own house. I enjoy the sense of freedom we’ve gained as a family.
However, it becomes lonely.
I’m used to having Ma there for middle of the night coffees and long Saturday morning chats. I’m used to the big loud family crowded in the not enough places to sit lounge. I’m used to cooking for 6+, definitely not 2!
So, every chance we get….we visit! Whether they’ve come here…or like over Easter we went to Ma. It was a great and relaxing three days. I just wish it was longer. But here is what we got up to…
A lot of nothing and a little bit of everything!! ;-)

LJ got to meet Jayden….again. Jason and Shanna came and visited the weekend we brought LJ home from the hospital, but LJ was so little then! (3 days old!) So now only being 3 months apart in age…we hope they’re good friends one day. Here was their first encounter!

Lil Mister was a little bit shy at first. He found his sunglasses that morning as we were packing to leave. He has since then become obsessed with them!
And we caught up with old friends!
We spent some time at the ‘Hassie Park.’ But that is another post all in itself!

Lil Mister experienced his first Easter basket! I felt that under two years of age…he just wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. I guess I’m going to have to rethink this logic with LJ because I can’t see giving Lil Mister a basket next year and not giving LJ something!! We all enjoyed this one a little bit though!

And after church on Sunday….Lil Mister had an Easter egg hunt!

Otherwise….we just spent a lot of time as a family. It really sucked that Vin wasn’t with us. But, we all have to face responsibilities and work sometimes must come first. We’re really going to miss Quintin, Pa, and Ma but….we’re close at least and talk constantly as we travel these new adventures….apart but still together as a family!! ;-)
LJ's first sucker thanks to Oupa!

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