Monday, 29 April 2013

LJ turns 4 months!

I can’t believe it but LJ turned four months old this past month!! It seems like just yesterday I was heading to the hospital. He is growing up so quickly and making sure we know it! He’s developed quite a little voice on him and makes his wishes well known now. Though he definitely isn’t a crying baby. Typically if he cries he is either VERY hungry (he doesn’t even really cry when he is hungry!) or he has a big wind stuck in him (this is more likely!). 

I figured I’d better commemorate this time to all of you lovely readers and let you in on our four months!! ;-)

Weight:  A whopping 7.6kg!! He was 3.2 at birth so he is growing quite well and averaging a 275 gram weight pick up each week! He’s a chunky monkey and loves his milk ;-)

Eating:  He’s got tonsillitis at the moment (poor little man!) but is a trooper. His eating took a big spurt about 2 weeks back and has since dropped off. He barely eats anything from 7 am until I get home at 5:30 pm. Probably 5 oz max! This worries mommy a lot. But he makes up for it in the evenings and is basically glued to the breast! We’ve started solids!!! I find this time so so exciting and could barely wait! I’ll post more about this another time but he eats very nicely!

Breastfeeding: We’ve made the four month mark and I’m so proud! There have been some ups and down for sure but breastfeeding has been wonderful. He is a booby monster in the evenings and just wants to be curled up with mommy the whole time! ;-) His favorite position is laying facing each other on the bed with my legs curled up around him. He likes the tight closeness!

Teeth: Oh….oh! Yea he has started in this category. At first I thought he was only cutting into the gums but those teeth are pushing straight through. He handles it well though and has some awesome teething toys. His favorite though isn’t a teething toy at all! It’s a stuffed giraffe that hangs from his gym. Its legs are nice and loose and he gets super excited when he sees this toy!

Sleep: This child hates sleep!! I swear he sleeps about an hour from 6:30am until 8:30 pm. Usually he sleeps right through the night but the teeth are definitely waking him up. He just wants to nurse for comfort until the pain passes.
It's 9pm...I should be asleep!!

Clothes and Nappies: He is in a size 3 nappy. Clothes is 3-6 months but he is already pushing into the 6 month category! I don’t think we’ll make it until 6 months! We need to do winter shopping asap…(Not that mommy complains ;-])

Bath: He LOVES bath time…if Lil Mister is with him! Yea, it’s just easier to bath them together and they both have more fun this way. Lil Mister is so good with his little brother and helps wash him too. LJ watches EVERY thing Lil Mister does and has such fun making bubbles in the water with him!

Milestones: According to charts, he is doing great. Some fun ones for us have been:
He found his feet and hands. He loves trying to get those toes to his mouth and                         spends lots of time talking to his hands!

He is rolling over. It’s non-stop. Put him on the ground or flat on the bed and he                              rolls! We have a lot of fun with this game!

He is trying to sit up. This child should have rock hard abs with how hard he is                               trying to sit!

He reaches out for us. I love this. When his daddy comes home, he just leans                                and sticks his little hands out. He loves his daddy so much!

Otherwise….he is our bundle of joy.

With both kids sick this week, I’ve had some ‘awe’ moments. Lil Mister insists that LJ watch Cars with him and LJ seems to enjoy this. My camera was dead so I missed the moment but it is engraved in my mind….Lil Mister sits on the floor holding LJ’s hand watching ‘Wight Queen.’

LJ is completely in love with his nanny! It makes going to work so much easier knowing he is so happy with her. She is spoiling him though. It breaks her heart if he cries so he is NOT allowed to cry. He is her little blue eyed boy for sure!

Winter is approaching and with how we battled with Lil Mister at this age I’m very thankful that LJ won’t be getting in and out every day in the cold. Nanny has been a blessing!

Mommy Review

Cravings:  I think this has something to do with the breastfeeding because I want sweets like all.the.time! Luckily, we have begun harvesting citrus on the farm…so I have a never ending supply of navels, Valencia’s, Mandarin’s, nectarines, and Caracara’s. It suffices!! ;-) Also, I love adding fresh lemon to my water! That helps to curve the cravings!
Dislikes: Teething! It has messed up my whole sleep routine!

LikesWatching my boys together. Lil Mister loves his younger brother and you can easily see LJ is in awe of Lil Mister. LJ laughs and smiles all the time when he sees Lil Mister

Weight:  I’m pretty much at ideal weight. I just need some serious toning!

Physically: As I said…toning!! It is my main focus. The winter is upon us here and it has put a major cramp in my running. It is too dark in the mornings and if Hubby is even 5 minutes late in the evenings I risk being in the dark then too. So….home training is where it is at baby!!
Emotionally:  I’m doing okay. The medication the doctor has me on helps, as long as I take it. I take one in the morning right when I get up and by the time I’m out of the shower my anxiety is gone. It I miss this pill….well our mornings are more like a tornado strike. Depending on how the day goes and how much coffee I’ve drank I will sometimes take another pill in the mid morning to get through, but  I try to avoid this as much as possible. The pill I take right before I leave work is the most important. I want to get as much out of my evenings with my family as possible and I need to do that without facing a panic attack because LJ is hungry, Lil Mister is thirsty, dinner is on the stove, laundry needs put away and school bags need packed. LoL Overall…it’s an uphill battle!

Siblings : Lil Mister is great! He hates it if LJ cries and immediately will tell me I must pick LJ up. He is constantly worried about LJ and asks for him as soon as I pick him up from school!! He tells me he loves LJ and that they are best friends! Breaks mama’s heart!

Here is a bit of a picture dump…..


My first time in the Jolly Jumper!
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