Friday, 12 April 2013

where does the time go....

Have I been slacking?
Why, yes…yes I have.
Am I proud of this?
It’s two fold.

Here’s the low down peeps….
I started back to work full day. This…THIS I am not so excited about. I’ve enjoyed my time with the monkeys every afternoon. It was…well, lekker getting off every day at noon. I’d pick Lil Mister up from school. We’d enjoy a walk home. He pointed EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE, AIRPLANE, etc out along the way. We chatted about…well the things two year olds chat about.
I’d get home, have some coffee, and snuggle with LJ while he fed. We’d all three then relax outside, paint, play clay or do whatever else the hours brought around.
Some days….I wanted to pull my hair out. But you can read more about that here.
Mostly though…we had a good system. A solid routine. Laundry was put away before Hubby Dearest came home, dinner was usually done by 6 pm and bags were packed, house picked up, and kitchen cleaned before bed.
I made lunch for Hubby and Vin (B.I.L.) each day and was maxing my workouts time the best the littles allowed!
In essence, I was rocking this whole working mom with two boys thing! I was the shizznit dudes!
Part of me is pouting. There is a part of me that is protesting. That part of me is causing the other part to buck like a wild horse being broke.
I’m serious peeps. I explained to Hubby Dearest and Vin that when I returned full day things would have to change. They would have to….duh duh duh…HELP ME!
This is not going over so smoothly.
So…what do I do? Well, the minimum. It’s kind of like cutting off your own nose to spite your face. It just doesn’t work!
I need to resurrect a routine. I walk in the door roughly at 5:30 pm. LJ wants to see me, Lil Mister needs attention and dinner must be started. Planning has to be done because I can no longer hit the shops on the way home! I won’t make it in time to let the nanny leave in time to catch her bus. So, shopping is strictly done on weekends…with BOTH kids in tow. (Pray for me please!)
I have to get myself motivated in the evenings. I need to plan that the men cook on the days I want to run. I have to restructure my running schedule that I run more on weekends…previously I took Sunday as my rest day.
This morning….it was busy. It was flustered. I didn’t even sit to drink coffee. I need to be making the most of my evenings when Lil Mister goes to sleep….it’s an hour less sleep, I’ll survive. This way, I can enjoy a little bit of time with him in the mornings!
I can…I CAN do this!

But Hubby must help…..

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