Friday, 5 April 2013

Chocolate and Excuses Fitness Friday {week 14}

Oh my! My first 5k is in less than three weeks! I can't believe how fast the time has flown! I know that for many women in this running community, my 5k goal is still small; but on the grand scheme of things it is huge to me! I haven't stuck with all my goals as closely as I'd hoped but meeting this race is evidence of a changed me!
It is success just to get up and finish! It is victory that I proved to myself that my body could 'bounce' back from the birth of my second child. It is evidence that I CAN work, be a wife, be a mom, live a faith filled life and set examples for healthy living!
It is my happiness.
Running started out as a mission. It wasn't something I loved to do. It was something I wanted to love to do. I kept getting out there and doing it like I enjoyed it. And slowly....with each pat of my foot to the tar...with each drop of sweat falling from my body...a love grew. I nurtured it. I took care of my body so that we could enjoy this...body and mind together as one.
And sure enough....I love it! I need it...I'm addicted to it! Maybe even more than coffee...okay not more than coffee but still! 
What is so amazing is that Hubby Dearest has decided to get moving again too! He has joined a local rugby team! I am BEYOND SUPER EXCITED for this! I get all twittery thinking about going out there on Saturdays to cheer and scream for my Hubby! I can't wait to see him in action!
The idea is that we're creating a lifestyle that is mentally AND physically good and appealing to our boys! We want them to want to move! We want them to want to be healthy. Therefore we want healthy to be FUN!! 
And it is!!!!

March 25- March 31
Did I mention last week about it raining?? Oh...yea. It seems to do that A LOT. Like has rained THE WHOLE FRACKIN' day! {BTW I'm writing this on I don't know the forecast for Friday!} I did some cross training. I actually got in 3!!! 
I've avoided all tempo runs thus far. I just...grr. I want to want to do them. But I can't get myself motivated! 
I did a nice long 8km run!! It was slow but it felt great....and then...
Then we went away for the weekend and I ate chocolate. And I chatted and visited with Ma. And I drank coffee with friends...
and I didn't RUN AT ALL!! I'm very disappointed in myself. I let life get in the way too much. This is suppose to be incorporated into life and instead I'm using life as an excuse. Which I don't know why because I want to run....I just don't want to miss whats going on in my home too! :-/

Future outlook:
April 8- April 14
2x cross training (1x full body 1x core)
2x easy runs totalling 11 km
Speed: 5x 800m @4:35-4:40
Tempo: 5k tempo @ 6:00
8km long run

Wish me luck and stay tuned next week!

If you’re at all interested in what I’m doing or getting yourself back into shape can I please encourage you to check out two of my favourite mommy runners! These women love being mommies and their health and continually inspire me!

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