Friday, 29 March 2013

Why do I run? Fitness Friday {week 13}

You'll see I missed last week! Sorry peeps but it was an off weekend between school holidays and sickness...but I'm Back so relax! ;-)

It was a simple question but it caught me off guard. Hubby Dearest and I were having a bumpy day (you could say) and fishing got brought up. Sometimes I get a bit frustrated because it feels like the moment Hubby Dearest has some time where he could just chill at home with me and the kids, he is off to go fishing!
I want to scream. I’m just like look..DUDE...I’m here all afternoon EVERYDAY and ALL weekend with them. I love them but they want some daddy time. You’re at work. You aren’t here with all the stress. Come on, man!
Then he asks me that. I’m like, umm duh! Because I need a break for just me. I need to do this one thing that is my time for me to be a little selfish in this parenting ordeal. I need to distress and forget about everything. It is just me, the pace of the music, my beating heart, the thrump thrump of my feet against the pavement, and that goal I’m trying to beat. It is me against the world. It’s....oh I get it now.
Sometimes, I forget that he needs some him time to. Running has become a necessity for my life. It is something I look forward to. It is something that helps me wind down and recharge at the same time. I can see things from a different angle when I’ve just had a run. New possibilities become visible and windows that seemed closed are now wide open. It just resets me back to well....a better me!
Why do you run??

March 18- March 23
Have I mentioned that it has been constantly. EVERY FRACKIN’ evening! It is cramping my style. I am proud to say I’ve beat my goal and ran my 5km in 32 minutes! Whoop whoop! This is frackin’ awesome. If you don’t think so then quit reading! NOW!.....
I’m still trying to figure out the whole cross training with my littles..but we got our cable turned back on and that means I use the electronic baby sitter while I workout. week I go back to working FULL DAY!! I already battle to figure out how to fit everything in and am PRAYING that I manage to learn a routine that works.
Running during lunch is a severe possibility. It is already getting to dark to make long runs in the mornings. It just isn’t safe here to run when it isn’t light out. I’m considering buying a pepper spray to carry in my hand so I can at least get out and run the 1km loop that is my home street.
I did the following:
1x 5km run in under 35 minutes
1x 4km easy
1x yoga day
2x core workouts

It still isn’t near what I’m aiming for but I refuse to lower my goals. In other first 5km is suppose to be in 3 weeks! EEEKK...but I haven’t figured out transport there as it is, duh duh duh 38km away from home! To be continued....

Future outlook:
April 1- April 7
3x cross training (2x full body 1x core)
2x Easy runs totalling 15km
Speed: 4x 800m @ 4:35-4:40
Tempo: 2x 2k tempo @ 6:00
12 km long run

Wish me luck and stay tuned next week!

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