Monday, 25 March 2013

MHO Monday Mingle...Luck

Before I go all 'get your head in the game' on you....let me just address a small concern that seems to have overwhelmed the blogosphere!!
Yes...Google Reader is closing shop. is not the end of the blog-orld!! 
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A weekly questioner with Funny Postpartum Lady and Story of a Girl!!

This Week's Theme: LUCK

1.  Do you believe in luck? Why or why not?
No. I believe that everything has a plan and purpose designed by God.

2.  Do you or have you ever had any good luck charms?
I'm going to be pretty boring today aren't I?!? No, I do not have any lucky charms or good luck notions. I do not believe in luck!

3.  Does your Significant Other have a lucky charm? What is it? We just believe that God is in control.

4.  Where do you think the word Luck originated from? Just guess if you don't know
I've never thought about it.....

5.  Do you know of anyone who goes overboard with luck or lucky charms? Please explain!
I'm lucky ;-) in that I do not know anybody like this!!

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