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This Week's Theme: DRAMA
This Week's Questions:
1. What does the word DRAMA mean to you?
Drama is a difficult word to define in words. It is an emotional and mental state. Sadly, some people choose to live in a constant state of drama. Drama is unnecessary emotional and mental and social strain presented into your life typically through the sharing of confidnetial information. 
2. Do you like DRAMA in your life?  
Oooh...I will say no. My husband would say yes I do because I tend to discuss private things among friends. This isn't to me drama however. I am not doing this with the intention of sharing any information outside of our select group and typically the discussion is a mere, lets catch up in each others lives and typically one of us knows something about someone within our 'group' who isn't there at the moment. :-/ I do not like drama when it affects my family and do my best to stay removed from drama in each others.  
3. What is the biggest DRAMA ordeal you've been in? 
 I'm sorry but I am not going to share this because it is very personal. I will share a story though from when I was younger! 
When in Middle School, I had the opportunity to speak at a school board meeting about the closing of our school. I was in the 8th grade and on the dance team. We had a basketball game that night and therefore I attended the meeting after the game in my uniform. I gave a speech that I had worked very hard on and was warmly recieved by the adults that evening.
The next morning when arriving at school I was surprised and quite caught off guard when I was rushed into the principles office. Apparently, a radio host on the morning radio had taken it upon himself to speak openly about me over the radio.
However, this was more than a mere mentioning. He stated that I deserved to be spanked for wearing such things to a school board meeting and likened me to a street walker. He tried to make it as if I was low class and attacked my family for allowing me to speak my opinion. He claimed that I was uneducated for daring to appear at an adult conference. 
I was hurt and crushed. The school and my parents together threatened to sue and he was forced to give an on air apology. This little incident stuck.
The following year in High School I was again on the dance team. At our Homecoming football game, he was there handing out T-shirts. I walked across the field (in a much more revealing uniform this time!) and asked politely for a T-shirt. I then took the microphone from the announcer and publicly humiliated him for varnishing a honor roll students public image and proceeded to light the shirt of fire.
I was offered suspension or an apology. I refused to make a public apology and rather wrote him a letter. I doubt today it sounded so much like an apology and more definetly like I was keeping my spotless school record exactly that! ;-) 
4. Do you know someone who loves DRAMA? Who is it?
I've known quite a few people like this in my life. I however avoid to socialize with them today.
5. How do you avoid DRAMA in your life?  
I eliminate people who focus on drama in my life. I end or leave a conversation that is heading in that direction and am not afraid to tell a friend they are crossing the line in what is appropriate discussion. My personal life stays personal. 
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Next week's theme: HIGHSCHOOL

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  1. Hey, new follower from the Monday Mingle Blog Hop. Looking forward to following along. :)


    1. Thanks for stopping by! You have some beautiful photos!

  2. Hey there! I'm stopping by from SSS blog hop {Yeah, i'm a little late}. Your blog is super cute and your family is beautiful. I'm a new follower via Bloglovin. I hope you guys are having a great Monday!


    1. Awe...thanks so much for the compliments! Can't wait to learn more about you!!




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