Monday, 11 March 2013

Lekker Afternoons

Last Thursday was just a lekker day in my house. I can’t really translate lekker, although it does have a direct translation. It is more of an experience here in South Africa. You have to feel the word ;-)
So if you will allow me, I’ll let you in on the key to lekker!
I had everything done Wednesday night before we went to bed. When I woke up Thursday morning, I was very relaxed. I showered, got dressed and got Lil Mister dressed. We relaxed while having our coffee and tea. Lil Mister constantly wants to drink our coffee so we have a mug for him now and make his own tea. He feels he’s big now!
After dropping Lil Mister off at school, we headed into work.
The day was relaxed with everyone. There was a directors meeting on the farm and the Tannies were making HEAVENLY food in the kitchen. The best part about this is we get lots of taste tests! ;-)
I scored a ride home with some people of the farm early and grabbed Lil Mister from school. He was in a GREAT mood and had slept like an angel. I knew I was in for a good afternoon with him. He even went the whole morning without any accidents! EVERY TIME HE WENT IN THE POTTY!
It seems silly but potty training wasn’t that big of a deal for us. It went quickly and easily. But he still has some bad days. There are days were he REFUSES to use the potty and other days he is a big boy the whole day!
I got home to LJ who was good all morning and very relaxed. After LJ’s nanny left, I fed him on the bed. It is a bed low to the floor. I have two of them that match for when the boys are older! He fell asleep while eating so I packed the pillows around him and left him to rest.

Lil Mister and I headed outside. It was a HOT day. So…..
Water play it was!! He LOVED chasing me with the hose. We ran up and down the yard for almost an hour before he finally was ready to move onto something else. By that point, I was beyond soaking wet!

Therefore….it was only logical to spin circles to dry off!

This is his 'I think we've spun enough' face

Then we played hide and seek. I can’t believe how quickly his imagination is growing!
LJ then woke up and….

I was so excited I started smsing everyone! I couldn’t believe it. I’ve only gotten him to roll from back to belly once since then but he has just about mastered rolling from his tummy to his back! And he loves it! He giggles every time. He is also a pretty big fan of tummy time.
He likes to check the world out and this gives a whole new view. I think he will crawl sooner than Lil Mister did because he is always trying to see where Lil Mister is.
I can see in LJ’s eyes how much he loves Lil Mister. They are truly best friends already.
Hubby Dearest was just a little late from work because they had a HUGE promotion to prepare for. I threw some chicken breast in the oven with a little bit of chakalaka and onion and peppers. I should have gotten photos because it was divine!
While that simmered in the oven, I had more time to play. The other kids in the complex were home by now so we moved out front and I played with LJ while the tyrants entertained themselves. They behaved so well. They played until Hubby got home.
He took the boys while I whipped together a fresh salad. After dinner, we all curled up on the couch and watched a movie and relaxed the night away.
It seems strange that such a simple day would bring me so much joy, but these days aren’t everyday.

Most mornings are shrouded in a haze of flying clothes, packing lunches, and running late out the door.
Afternoons are spent switching which side LJ is cluster feeding from, frantically throwing dinner together, and trying to keep all the kids from breaking something (or each other!).
And evenings pass so quickly that by the time baths and bedtime stories are done I’m ready to pass out.
I praise God for the simple days filled with play and laughter!

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  1. Aww- that sounds like such a nice, lekker day! I love that you played with the water hose. Some mommies hate getting dirty or wet (I'm not sure what type I'll be but, I'd like to be the type to get soaking wet!). Thanks for checking up on my blog! I probably have a week and a half more to go in this pregnancy!

    1. Thanks! Yea, I didn't know how I'd be before having children, but their personalities just seem to fold right into our own somehow. God knows what he is doing when he creates them!! ;-) I love LOVE playing in the water and mud and dirt...Lil Mister likes the water but isn't such a fan of mud lol. He hates to be dirty! He doesn't even like the soap making bubbles on him! You're almost there....just hang on!




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