Thursday, 28 March 2013

TT-A letter to myself at 16

Dear Shana,
You are young, carefree, and the world is at your feet. I’m just asking for a minute or two of your time, that’ll you’ll slow down and look forward; instead of just in the here and now.
But please, for us, don’t change a single thing you’re going to do!
There are going to be days where life is hard. It will feel like the world is crashing around you. It’s going to be as if you really can’t carry on. I promise you can though. You’re going to be surprised how strong you are.
You’re going to loose people you love in this life for a lot of reasons. Some will be stripped away before their time. Although, I cannot tell you why this happens; I can promise that no matter how dark the days seem, you will figure out a way to carry move forward. You will never forget, but you will live. There will be people you thought you loved that will hurt you and walk out on your life. You will learn that they never deserved your love to begin with.
The worst though, is that you are going to walk away from people who love you. It’s okay though. We all have to make our own choices in life and we MUST go where the life waters flow. Those people will forgive you. Their love is strong and unconditional. Never let yourself think otherwise.
Stop trying to control everything going on around you. You’re missing the bigger picture. You’re missing the fun. Jump on this rollercoaster ride called life and ride it for everything it has to offer. (And open your eyes so you can see!)
Today, you live in a box. You have school and work and friends and boyfriends and what is happening around town on the weekends. It’s okay. Don’t let anyone convince you that you need to grow up too quickly. You will grow up when the time is right for you. Everything you experience is for a reason.
Document everything! Take pictures, write quotes, journal, and social media it up. But always know that the best moments will remain in your heart forever. Keep a special place for those special times with special people.
No matter how angry you are with a loved one, always make sure the last thing said before walking out the door is ‘I love you.’ It’s hard but you’re going to regret it if you don’t. Just tell them, even when you’re mad.
Never stop caring for yourself. Your hair, face, skin, nails….all of it! It doesn’t make you who you are but it is a part of what you are. Take care of your body. You only get one!
Look at the stars as often as possible. You don’t need to talk about it. Just look and soak in the magic.
Your high school boyfriends are not the men you will marry. They aren’t even close. Learn to love yourself so you can know what love is. Learn to love GOD so you can know how to be loved.
Make GOD your number one priority because if your life is inline with His Will then everything else you choose will also be there.
Love Lauren with everything you can. There will never be another friend like her. Carry her with you every moment. Love her.
One day, when Shannon wants you to go to the State Fair. Don’t make excuses….just go. It will change your life forever….
And always remember…
Love as much as possible
Laugh as often as you can
Hope for all things
Pray everyday.

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  1. Hi there! I have ventured over from Thumpin’ Thursday. I'm enjoying this little peek into your world! Just lovely! XOXO, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings

  2. I love this!!! What a sweet letter! I may have to steal :)

  3. Fantastic letter and beautifully written. You have so many valid points that many of us, including myself, overlook each day!
    Stopping by from thumping Thursday hop.




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