Thursday, 4 April 2013

TT: Family is for....

This week Jenn proposed a little fun topic for us. We were to create an acrostic poem!
Although thought to be ridiculous, I vowed to take on the challenge and make it my conquer and overcome the stigma...'s really not the dramatic! BUT I had great fun coming up with this little baby to fit into focus on another link up too!
Becca over at Faith, Love, & Babies has started up a great link up called Power of Prayer. Each Thursday we link up a faith focused post. 

Right now, my marriage and family has been the center and focus of my prayers! 
Of course I always pray for my family and my marriage but they have taken a very deep need within me. A family that prays together; stays together!
We've gone through a difficult year in 2012 and didn't kick start 2013 in the best of manners. But I have made it my prime focus this year to turn our family around and get us on track financially, mentally, physically, and spiritually! I figure each of those begins with me! I have to make changes to myself first and set the example for my family to follow! 
So, here I sit, praying for my family each and every day!

My Poem {FAMILY}
Family, you say, is living in failth filled daily prayer
Always putting God first to create our protective layer
Marriage built with Jesus as our cornerstone
Is surely securing we're never left alone
Lovingly we navigate each and every day
You know together we'll always find our way

I love each and everyone of you!

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1 comment:

  1. This was beautiful. Good luck to your family," the family that prays together, stays together" I think that's true.




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