Monday, 6 January 2014

2014 Blogger Challenge: Inspiration


I’m a day late this time to the party and I’m so sorry! The holidays have been hectic with family coming and going over the last month. Add to that a vacation, a baby shower, two birthdays and New Years Eve...well, let’s just say as much fun as it was...I’m glad the last two months is over!

Life is beginning to go back to normal and so will the flow of this blog...I promise (I hope)!

Gaby over at Another Girl Blog proposed a 2014 BloggerChallenge. Normally, I avoid these types of things. I tried it once and I just got exhausted always trying to follow up with the memes. But this one seemeddifferent. It was a chance to stretch my content, expand my community and still stay real to who I am.

Twice a month Gaby sends out a topic to over 300 of us that signed up! We’re then given a couple of weeks before we need to post our topics. And our first topic for 2014 was....Inspiration! We’re allowed to take this however we will. The idea was that instead of joining up with the bands of thousands that are posting New Years resolutions of which many we will be reading about how they didn’t work out in a couple of months (if bloggers are that honest!) we’re focusing on what inspires us in the upcoming year!

I wanted to get this up yesterday to meet my Sunday Inspiration, but happened! For me....inspiration was easy to think of. I’m inspired by life itself! I’m inspired by the beauty of a sunrise or the determination of my Hubby! I’m inspired by those who continue to fight for life when told they have no chance and by those who willingly sacrifice to save the stranded.

I’m inspired by the song of a bird or how my sons’ faces light up at the sight of an airplane. I’m inspired by how we make it through each day and get up in the morning to do it all again!

But truly....when I consider inspiration for my everyday...I didn’t have to be that creative or look that far! It is right in front of me day in and day out!

My boys and my Hubby are my inspiration. They are what inspires me to work hard and play harder! They inspire me to constantly improve myself and be a better role model and example. They inspire me to dig deeper in the Word of God and share louder how He is working in our lives!

2014 is is is my family!

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Shana Danae..

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  1. There is no better inspiration than the fam! Have a great week!




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