Thursday, 16 January 2014

School is back on!

Wednesday school began again here in South Africa! I think it was a joyous morning for hundreds....a crazy, hectic, flabbergasted morning for thousands!
I personally spent the night before scrutinizing my children’s clothing for damages created by two months out of school....playing in mud and dirt and whatever else stroked their fancy while at home and marking each and every item with names!

The evening was wrapped up by reintroducing ourselves to the routine of picking out clothes for the next day, packing school bags, and making lunches. When Hubby and I were finally in bed and ready for sleep, we laughed as we asked ourselves why again we thought we were so tired over the holidays!

In all honesty though, I think M was jumping for joy this morning as Lil Mister gave kisses and waved goodbye. LJ is still home for a few more weeks as we first let everything settle before introducing him to the new school! Still, there was slight reprieve in the events.

For the first time in nearly two months, everyone was up and out of bed without tantrums (that is including the adults!). Kids were washed up and dressed before noon! (shh....I didn’t say that!). And Lil Mister thought I was loosing my mind as I insisted he need to use the bathroom before ushering him out the door!

A lot of things slack during the holidays as parents take advantage of the much needed relax in tendencies. There were many nights of falling asleep on couches and lazy mornings of watching cartoons. Cake for breakfast the day after birthdays and milo at 8 pm! Don’t worry about putting the laundry away the same night and screw the windows....the kids are just going to put fingers on them again tomorrow!

The boys need school too. Not just us! It’s time for releasing the energy with friends....instead of on Mama’s freshly made bed. It’s time for routine and learning. It’s time to stretch ourselves again and turn the TV off for a little bit!

But as things slowly fall back into routine, I think M is rejoicing the most! Don’t get me wrong...she loves those boys! You can see it in everything she does for them. It’s more than just her job. When LJ was sick, I told her to go home early but she insisted that she wanted to stay until he woke up and she knew the medicine was kicking in! When Lil Mister broke his truck in the garden outside, she diligently comforts him and finds anything to fix it to his liking!

Yet, its exhausting....I know! Maybe she can have a cup of tea today without preventing world war 3 from escaping over an unshared army man. Maybe the sticky fingerprints will finally be removed from my windows and the track marks from racing cars buffed out of my walls! Laundry will be completed....cupboards reorganized...maybe.

Okay, she still has one monkey at home for a few more weeks, but you get the picture. Calm and normalcy returns!

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Shana Danae..


  1. school lets out for two months there for kids in winter? (or is it winter there?) that sound awesome, I wish they did that in the states! We get two weeks here for high school and under. College age kids get about a month.

  2. No we are on summer break! We go to school year round (beginning middle of Jan to end of Nov) with short breaks 3 times a year and then a big break from end of Nov to middle of Jan!




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