Monday, 20 January 2014

Sunday Social: 3 Things

Happy Monday morning, peeps! I've been linking to Social Sunday for, well, months now! And one thing I love the most about it; how personal it is! It is an awesome way to get to know other bloggers more personally! The questions are always about us and what we do, like, and what we're up to! So, if you're looking to find some bloggers that you can really click're in the right place! Head over and link up as well!

This Weeks Questions:
1.       Top 3 favorite kinds of food
That is a hard one...only 3! Okay first of all....Mexican, 100% all the way no questions asked! I miss genuine Mex food so SO much! Then I’d have to say Chinese! Again, it’s been too long! And lastly....sushi! At least I can get this in South Africa more regularly!

2.       First 3 things you do in the morning
LoL 1. Check my phone to see if it is really time to get up! 2. Head straight for the shower 3. Kiss kids and Hubby because they normally wake up while I’m in the shower!

3.       Last 3 things you do at night
Make sure Lil Mister and LJ are covered up nicely. Drink a glass of water. Check my social media :-/

4.       3 TV shows you NEVER miss
Actually, I don’t have an honest answer for this because we aren’t HUGE TV people. I miss my favorite shows all the time because we make plans with friends or are busy with the kids. If I could say 3 shows I Wish I never missed then... Rookie Blue, House, NCIS LA

5.       3 places you want to visit
First and foremost...home! Central Illinois bay-bay! Secondly, Egypt....I’ve always loved the history. And lastly, Italy. I think it’d make an awesome family vaca!

6.       3 people you can always count on
Christ obviously. He has never let me down! Secondly, my Hubby! We can argue and disagree, but when I truly need him-he’s my best friend! And last but definitely not least, C! She is always there for me through anything and everything. We understand each other!

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Shana Danae..


  1. there are more places I want to see in Italy than time I have to do it, that's for sure!!! Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync! :)

  2. Hi! I'm Carmen from Momma on the Move. I'm coming to you from our SITS tribe. Lovely to meet you. Looking forward to learning more about you :) Have a wonderful day

  3. Hi! THis is a great post. I have not read your entire blog ...but you are in South Africa? Wow. I am in a polar vortex right now (the second one) so I only which I was closer to the equator. Anyways I am from your SITS tribe and I love your 3 food choices ... one thing I can trully apreciate are California Rolls at the local China town sushi bar in DC! I enjoyed reading this post and will be checking back! :-)

  4. Hi Shana! How exciting to be in South Africa all the way from Central Illinois! I'm in Chicago. Where are you from?
    I'm an early morning phone checker I'm trying to make it that the first thing I check is my bible app to read the verse of the day and to get on knees and pray. I don't like being so attached to my phone.

    And you are so right...Christ has never let me down either. He never fails... And he won't start now. Jesus is the homie...LOL I'm from your tribe as well! I'm excited!

    @Cosmic Medium I'm in the Polar Vortex too and I desperately wish I was somwhere where the snow and cold could get to me!

  5. Oh my...Sushi...I LOVE! I could literally eat it every single day, but I know that wouldn't be healthy! I also love chineese food too! I hope you get to visit home soon!

  6. cool link up! I'm with you on Mexican food. I get my Mexican fix on a regular living in Los Angeles! Yum!

  7. Thanks so much! Yea....It will be 5 years in March that I've been in SA! I pray for snow! haha not really I love the weather here! ;-) Oh my word....I am like a pregnant woman craving sushi! It's ridiculous!

  8. LoL In my home town, friends of mine from school, their family owns two mex restaurants and genuine was like a 3-4 time a week type of thing! ;-)

  9. I wish my Hubby liked sushi because then I could make it at home...but alas I am not so lucky in the sushi department! ;-) I swear though when I get around it I eat myself sick! Thank you so much! I know God will open the door for me to visit home again when the time is right!

  10. It is quite a different experience that is for sure! I come from Decatur! But people here don't really know where that is, so I always reference Chicago! Friends and I used to go to Chicago all the time for shows and shopping...I really miss it! I'm also addicted to my phone! It's scary actually!

  11. Thanks so much Carmen! I am also excited about the new tribe! I can't wait to see where it brings us all!

  12. Tell me about it! I think I'd need at least a year and then still feel it wasn't enough!!




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