Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year and some random stuff....

Happy 2014 all my peeps! I hope you all had an amazing New Years. Ours was fantastic, but I will recap on that later. At the moment, I can't upload any photos from my camera because it has decided to stop working! :-/ I can't figure out what is wrong either. It was working fine...I was viewing the photos from Tuesday night and when I shut my camera off it just didn't pull the lens in. Now, the lens is stuck out and won't retract! I'm really hoping this is a simple problem that can be fixed!!

Lil Mister showing off our tree to Maggy!
It's been kind of quiet around the blog lately. I've been trying to keep up with everything that is going on! There has been an endless stream of people in and out of the house since the week before LJ's party. First we were preparing for the party. Then everyone showed up....of course which led to Ma staying with us until that Thursday where her and Lil Mister spent the weekend at her house. We still braai'd that weekend and Hubby fetched them on Sunday before Christmas! The day after Christmas we loaded up the car and took Ma and Pa home.

We have a Christmas tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve....I'd say he's happy with his!
Lil Mister when he first saw the swings!
It truly seemed quiet in the house except that V is still with us. On Sunday, Ma and Pa returned only to see Pa leave in the afternoon to work. He was back Monday afternoon lol!!! I was to return to work Monday but we ended up getting a rain day after 3 hours because the weather made it impossible to accomplish anything around here! Ma and I spent the afternoon finishing up birthday shopping!

We've had some playing and some water fun....
All smiles peeps!
Tuesday brought our New Years Eve and yesterday morning Hubby and I decided to fetch the kids after we woke up and spend the day at the river with friends! The boys swam and splashed and ran around and we all ate lekker on some Bunny Chow that Hubby slaved away in the scorching sun to make!

And we've had a little....
Okay...a lot of this!
We got home around 6 last night and by 6:30 pm everyone....seriously kids and 3 adults were knocked out in our beds! We woke up 5am this morning to get back to the daily grind! ;-)

I can't describe what this last month and a half has been like for us. It's been truly an array of emotions and excitement and kuiers. I'll start recapping next week...until then, I have one last birthday party to finish planning for Saturday! Cheers, peeps!

 I hope you've enjoyed your Christmas holiday and are making memories to last a lifetime!!

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