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10 Reasons Why You Should Bring Me on Your Next Disney Vacation: Guest Post with Fallon

Hello there loves my name is Fallon (better known as Fal in the bloggy world) and I blog over at Fal Finds Happiness! For some crazy reason Shana has allowed me to take over her blog today (someone make sure that woman isn't ill or delusional)! If there's one thing you need to know about me it's that I love anything and everything Disney related. I even have a weekly Disney series on my blog! Today I'm bringing you 10 Reason Why You Should Bring Me on Your Next Disney Vacation.

You should really take me on your next Disney vacation. Or else.

1. I'm entertaining. Full of one liners. I'll have you laughing the entire drive/flight. Crying children? No problem I'm a daycare teacher, I got that. Don't want to drive over night? My pleasure. Want the window seat? Take it. Whatever it takes to get me home back to Walt Disney World. 

2. You'll have your own personal roller coaster partner. I love every ride ever created and I wont say no to anything. [Let's keep it PG13, shall we] Plus as you may recall I have some pretty gnarly roller coaster faces. Once again, free entertainment people. Well kind of free. 
[Check out the post I mentioned to understand this gif & then laugh uncontrollably]

3. I'm full of Disney trivia. I always win Disney Scene It [against my siblings that are 16 & 11, but whatever] Aka when cast members ask you questions you're guaranteed to look cool with me by your side. I'll even let you have the stickers they give me as a prize. 

4. I'm tall. Hear me out on this one. Looking for a place to stand to watch the Electrical Parade? Boom, I got you. Wanting a picture of you & your family without your double chin? Bam, on my tippy toes and double chin is gone. [You're starting to really think about bringing me, aren't you?]
[If you're not, just imagine Ariel being so disappointed when she sees you without me]

5. Speaking of pictures without double chins - don't you need someone to snap all those family photos? Sure, they have someone snapping pictures for a price at Walt Disney World, but if you bring me I'm free. Plus, I'm an actual photographer in KC. You can't afford to not bring me. 
[Your face when you realize that you didn't get a family photo at Disney. Without me]

6. I know how to hit every single ride at Magic Kingdom in one day. Yeah I'm that good. It took two days to figure out but I have the most perfect plan. This is not a drill. And I'd be happy to pass my secrets onto your family and your children. Take all the secrets, just take me with you.
[Your children's faces when they don't get to ride every ride at Magic Kingdom]

7. Speaking of secrets: The best restaurants? Yeah, I'm about that life. I know them all. The special events. The menus. The prices. The drinks. Everything. Maybe I'm in the wrong profession. That's it, I'm moving to Orlando. 

8. Okay, so I'm not saying that I'm an expert by any means, but if you're looking for some where to get your crunk on in Disney I might am your dream tour guide. Parents need sometime alone in Disney. So, you go to the bar [another secret] & I'll watch the kiddos. Maybe a movie under the stars at one of the resorts? I'm telling you people -- I'm an endless source of fun. 
[You and your hubs waving goodbye to me and the kids. Just imagine the quiet time.]

9. The last time I was at Disney I got 22 signatures [and I also turned 22 while in Disney, that was an accident but it was awesome] I'm a pro at waiting in line for signatures. Want to ride Space Mountain? Go! I'll take care of your screaming children and wait not so patiently in line for Pooh's autograph. Go have fun. I just want to be in Walt Disney World. That's all I'm asking. 
[My reaction when you tell me we're going to Disney. And then tears. Lots of tears.]

10. I will totally pretend like it's your birthday every day we're in Disney. You get special treatment when it's your birthday. I promise I wont tell anyone. 

Thanks Shana for letting me take over your little corner of the Interwebz! I hope y'all enjoyed... and laughed at least once (or twice, let's be real here...I'm ridiculous) 

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