Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hairstyles Wordless Wednesday: I Need Your Opinion

My Wordless Wednesday is going to be a little wordy....okay?

Peeps, this is a picture of me in November of 2011.

Yes, I kind of looked like a boy! But...that was the last time I got my hair cut (about 3 months before this photo!!!)! Honestly! OKay...I lie a little. I've had trims since then, you know, to make sure it is growing out somewhat even....but I haven't actually cut my hair in over 2 years!
When I originally cut my hair!

January 2012 after a trim....
August hair grows quite fast!
November 2012....had a trim....and went through a slight no growing stage :-/
November 2013....not a favorite photo :-/
November's getting quite long MIL is considering taking both boys for the weekend....gasp, I don't know if I can handle that! But, if it so happens, I thought why not take the plunge now and get a...duh duh duh...haircut! As you can see....the length right now is dragging down my curls. Mostly because there is no shape or style to my hair and virtually no layers. It's time I do something....but what!!!!

Should I...

Go short again but a bit longer than last time with a nice versatile bob???
Go medium with something that can also be worn curly or straight and some fringe?
Or keep growing it longer and add in a bunch of layers and ump???
Please give me your answers!!! I'm loosing my mind here in choices!!!!!!!!

How do you wear your hair? Do you like to change it up or are you a habit girl? What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

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Shana Danae..


  1. I think you would look adorable in a bob .. I love the one from -- that's what I envision :)


  2. oh, I'm such a fan of that 2nd photo, because I've had my hair cut like that before (the blonde with the short layers). But, I'd say do the Jenn Aniston cut and then go shorter if you want to. I love all of those hairstyles! Layers, layers, layers!! :D




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