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Sponsor Highlight: Carolynn from Kitty Adventures

Have you noticed that fancy banner at the bottom of my posts?!? You have! That is awesome! Well, that dudad right there belongs to the wonderful and inspirational Carolynn at Kitty Adventures! And she is gracing us with her presence here today!

Carolynn is a not-so-new newlywed (meaning she's still in the early years but got a few months under her belt!). She is like a coat of many colors (no seriously, this girl has amazing depth!) and will definitely put a smile on your face! She knits, loves spending time with Mr. Adventure, and can give you amazing encouragement in her walk with Christ!

A couple of my favorite posts would have to be:
Books I read before I said "I Do" 10 Things you should Know about Marraige!~ Carolynn will have you falling off your chair laughing as you take a walk with her down the hobbled streets of matrimony!

What Writing a Book is LikeAnd let her give you some much needed insight into what writing a book is like 

If you have some time....stop by her About Me page and get to know her a little bit!

Take it away Carolynn!

Oh, fun questions! 

1) What made you decide to start blogging?
I decided to start a blog a few years ago so I could document my new-found sewing skills. Since that time, I've learned to knit, started an etsy shop, become a christian, and now think of my blog as a way to share my life with the world.

2) Do you still blog for the same reasons? If not, why do you blog today?
I think now I mostly blog because I love the community. I love sharing my life and seeing others share theirs.

3) What would you tell a new reader about yourself to hook them in?
Well, read my blog if you are interested in heartfelt Christian life musing, knitting, crochet, sewing, and random tutorials. Take a look if you want to get to know me. If you want a friend. I always look at my comments and visit the blogs of those who leave me messages, so you'll get a reader too! 

4) What inspires your writing the most?
Color! Yarn! Words. Books. The sky. My husband's mouth. Because he's hilarious. I'm inspired by my love of the beauty in the world. And the thought of helping people.

5) Do you have a life verse? If so, what is it? Why?
Not really a verse, but Romans is my favorite book. I think because it lays out a basic understanding of who God is and how to follow Him. It's always good to go over ground rules whenever your struggling. 

6) What is something about you most people don't know?
I'm dyslexic! In kindergarten you had to hold my writing up to a mirror to read it. True story. Until highschool I still wrote E's and 3's backwards sometimes. Also, I am super bad at directions. 

7) Three items you can't live without...
Yarn. Fingers. My Bible. :)

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