Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Lil Mister is officially 3!

My Dear Lil Mister,

Today you have turned three! It's hard for me to grasp that so much time has already passed and yet you still have such a long future ahead of you! 

You were so adorable this morning when everyone was telling you Happy Birthday! Since your party was on Saturday, you can't quite grasp why you're being told Happy Birthday again....but today is the big day!

Each and every day you surprise me. You're learning so much and seem like a little sponge that is ready to soak up everything thrown your way. I've never known a 3 year old that can carry on conversations like you. lol But you were early to talk and have always been confident in expressing yourself verbally! You enjoy telling me all that has happened during the day while I was at work. You make the simplest events seem so grand and exciting. You are eager to tell me if you've been good or naughty and all that LJ had done as well!

You're still small and learning how the world works and sometimes it gets to be a little much. You can be a little rough with your brother at times but you're so quick to apologize and make sure he is happy as well. You don't like to hear him cry and immediately come running to me that I must pick him up! 

Have I told you lately how clever you are?!? Well, it's true! Not just books either....you've got street smarts kid! You figure out quickly how relationships and people work. You know when to put on a good face and jeeze....you're pretty honest for your age! You're not afraid to tell someone...any one for that matter....exactly what you think! I actually hope this stays with you....maybe just a little softer! ;-) The amount of knowledge you have is crazy to me! You tell me things I didn't even know was possible for you to comprehend! Even your teachers are impressed....learning just seems to be something you enjoy. And even more so, you like using that knowledge!  

Papa is still your best friend. I pray it can remain like this over the years. You are so excited when he gets home in the evenings and demand his full attention. It's as if he'd been gone for ages! I love watching the two of you interact. I get such joy as the love of your relationship stretches across your face and nothing....nothing warms my heart like your laughter!

So, my son, as life continues down it's path, I pray you know how loved you are! I pray you realize how proud we are of you and know that we will always support you! I could have asked for better and God gave me a true blessing when He placed you in our lives!

Lil Mister, you bring us unending joy! I can't wait to wake up to your stories in the morning and get antsy waiting to hear about your day when I'm finally off work! I crave the weekends where we can just play and the silent moments where I can just hold you!

I know you won't be small forever....you're already getting so big! But I hope that those tender moments full of kisses and hugs....those moments filled with belly aching laughter....those joyous moments when you have something new to show us....I hope these moments last forever! 

Mama and Papa love you so much Lil Mister! You are our pride and joy and each day starts and begins with you and your brother! Never forget that! Have an amazing birthday my liefie kind. 

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