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Labeled by Humanity, Loved by God

Labeled by Humanity, Loved by God   Written by Tammy Stafford

labeled-by-humanity-loved-by-god, book-review, following-christWhen Tammy first sent me her book, I had no idea what I was in for. I think many of us look at our past and somewhere along the line think ‘Oh, I had it hard then.’ We walk through our days carrying some hidden burden that we assume defines a part of who we are. I know I’m like this!

I grew up in middle class America. We were never rich and never poor and I never really saw what “hard” was. However, like most teenagers, I rebelled thinking that my parents were to blame for everything “wrong” in my life. My clothes weren’t stylish enough, my makeup not expensive enough and my shoes….not fashionable enough.

I thought I was walking a rough road. When I started reading Labeled by Humanity, Loved by God I truly realized how wrong my “burden” was. I also realized what an amazing friend God had given me in Tammy! Her faith is outstanding and her resilience could wager wars against the riders of the Tour de France.

Labeled by Humanity, Loved by God starts off at Tammy’s birth. She describes the emotions and thoughts her parents experienced when faced with the utmost surprising revelation upon her appearance in our world. Tammy discusses the hard choices that had to be made by her parents as she was a child and the harsh realities she faced being a teenager with a “disability.”

The Happy Handicap, labeled by humanity loved by god, following christAll along, she resonates with your spirit as she depicts how God was her rock and how He performed genuine miracles in her life. If you’ve ever doubted the possibility of miracles in today’s world, she will bring all those uncertainties to a halt! You don’t just read about God’s work in her life, you can feel Him speaking to your spirit through her words!!

Her words carry you through the ups and downs she faced against a cruel world and shows you the joy hidden behind every mishap. Tammy renews your faith in courage and reminds you that perseverance is key. In all honesty, you will experience every emotion from joy to shame, pain of heart to shock to an overwhelming trust in God. This book will have you crying and re-evaluating your own hardships and your faith in God through those times!

Labeled by Humanity, Loved by God brought reality straight into view for me. It brought me to my knees before God, thanking Him for what He did in Tammy’s life and praising Him for what He is doing in mine! tammy's book will show you how God has a plan before you're born just as He did with her. She renews the belief that we are shaped by God, saved by God, reborn in God, and live in God. She reminded me how important blind faith is and how walking might be much more than just a physical task!

Labeled by Humanity, Loved by God is a page turner for sure and I finished it in one sitting because I just couldn’t stand the thought of waiting to know what happened next in this amazing womans life! She has, with Christ by her side, triumphed over doctors, critical family members, and non-understanding co-workers. She walked out of it all with her head held high and a new pair of shoes!

I strongly urge you to read it yourself! If you still aren’t sure, check out her video yourself!

You can find Labeled by Humanity, Loved by God at Tammy's sales page! All proceeds go towards furthering her ministry in Christ, Whole In My Soul.

As always, you can find Tammy at her blog, The Happy Handicap! We are still praying for her husband and family! If you missed it, Tammy’s husband was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis and we are believing in Christ to work another miracle in this amazing sisters family! You can read more about Tammy’s husband and the prayers here! You can also send any prayers you are giving up at my Prayer Power page! You can also share any prayer requests or praises with me! Hubby and I would love to pray for you and your family!

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  1. Your writing is so beautiful and explicit as always! I'm humbled by your glorious review. The only goal I hoped for the book was for God's spirit to speak through it. You confirmed for me you heard directly from God while turning the pages of this book. Exciting! Thank you for your time, your prayers and most of all, your friendship.

    p.s. I hope you are feeling better. I've prayed for you.

    1. Thank you so much for your prayers! I am feeling much better! I'm so glad you like the review! As always I do my best to listen to what God wants me to say! I pray this review helps push your book and that many more lives will be touched by your words!




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