Friday, 2 November 2012

And the award goes to...

Live from New York at the annual Bloscars (World Wide Blogging Awards)…

You like me….you really really like me!!
I’ve been so surprised this morning as I turned on my blogger. It had been a particularly poop-worthy morning (literally during no nappy time Lil Mister decided to do his business right there on the floor in the family room as he points out the screen doors to the puppy who had also done her business under the lapa! “Mama, Puppy poo…(he points to puppy) Liam poo (he grins VERY proud of himself and points to his!) Oh the joys of motherhood!! (I do love him and was glad that he was proud of himself and even more proud that he has managed to wee-wee in the pottie this morning at least!!)
As I debated what in the world I would post about today…
Fridays tend to be an on again off again post day for me…I just can’t seem to focus!
…I read that I…I have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award from the lovely Leesa over at One Olive Short! Being that it is my first nomination…I would like to take a minute to say thank you! THANK YOU! (Yes, I’m that one behind the podium holding the champagne before the party or let alone toasts have even began….hold up I still got 32.8 seconds!)

On a more serious note, I figured (yes I’m that new to all of this!) that I better at least have an idea of what I’ve been nominated for! I assumed since she nominated some pretty fabulous other blogs like Let Them Eat Cake and Funny Postpartum Lady it couldn’t be so bad! Just now I’m up for the wooden mic award of the blogging world! AHH!!!

The history of this award is a little bit…umm…miffed but here is what I could Google about! Liebster is one of those funny German words (hehe sorry!) that means favorite or dearest. This is what “they” (the infamous they!) tell me. Kind of like I was told that the symbol on my wrist means hope in Chinese…I’ve yet to actually venture and find out the truth! And back to the award! It is to showcase up and coming bloggers with 200 or less followers (hey jump on the bandwagon peeps…I’m thankful for this but don’t want to remain qualified for this award forever!! ;-])

Apparently, it began with 5 facts, 5 questions, and 5 nominations. Yet, as the blogger world has grown ever so rapidly we are up to the number 11!! YAY!!

The rules are as follows:

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog!
2. Link back to said presenter!
3. Add the award to your blog award mantle (a.k.a. post the button/linky on your blog)
4. Give 11 facts about yourself
5. Answer the 11 questions asked by said presenter
6. Ask 11 questions for the….
7. 11 bloggers you nominate & post their links in your Thank You blog post! (Go to their page and let them know!) (No tag backs!)

Sjoe…okay I think I got all that!

11 Facts (maybe they are strewn with some self opinion…)

1. I am that crazy girl who said she was only going to get married after finishing her PHD in something or another and traveling the world, but ended up moving half way across the world following this extremely sexy guy with an accent and married him at 19 AND I’m super happy I did!

2. I talk way WAY too much…like non-stop. It was bad before, but I just enjoy it now when I can talk and listen in English instead of some other language!

3. My youngest brother is just over 2 years older than my son! My dad is freaky! Hehe ;-)

4. I love the ocean and would decorate my entire house in variations of a nautical/beach theme if I could.

5. As much as I miss America and my friends and family, I wouldn’t trade living in South Africa for anything.

6. I played violin my whole life until I left mine behind when moving to South Africa (insurance on it was WAY outrageous for the flight) and have regretted not bringing it everyday since I landed.

7. I’ve never met my birth mom.

8. I want SO SO badly to study to be an accountant (I think the hum-drum balances my personality CrAziNess) even if it means that when I get to study it must be in the middle of the night on top of my full time job and two children.

9. Did I mention I love the ocean….yea I want to retire someday in Capetown.

10. I have an obsession with planning…I have a day planner, a blog planner, a birthday planner (with ideas through my kids 30th birthdays!) and a fitness planner! Now if I could just organize the rest of my life to file into the plans!

11. I love the blogging community I’m a part of. I actually realized now when reading the nominations from One Olive Short how much of a community we are (Leesa you stole so many of my nominees! Lol! Great minds think alike!)

Okay…now to answer the questions I have been assigned…

1. What is your most prized possession and why?
This is a tear for me. I have to say that I have two that pull equal rank. First is my ‘box.’ This is a box that I throw everything in. It has pictures, keepsakes from my wedding and friends weddings, things from my son and husband. It is anything and everything I want to hold for memories.
The second is my day planner(s). I really can’t live without them. They help keep my head on straight between all the fires I have burning!

2. Where is one place you have never visited and want to go and why?
Morocco…apparently my birth mom’s family is from there or she is from there and I’d really just like to get an idea of that part of my life I don’t know

3. What is your dream job?
To be an accountant…call me boring!

4. If you could have a super power what would it be and why?
I’d want to control moods like Jasper in Twilight haha! When I want things calm, I want them calm NOW!

5. Do you believe in ghosts? If so, has anything ever happened to you to make you believe?
No, not ghosts really. But I do believe in a spiritual realm that is much more in touch with our daily lives then we believe it is, but that spiritual realm is firmly placed in God.

6. What is your favorite childhood memory?
Going on the road in the summers with my dad in his semi. We have so many great memories and saw so many places together. It was just us….I miss that.

7. Finish this sentence: I AM ____
I am made in the image. This world is always attacking us but I know I was made in the image of God. Take me or leave me I am what He wanted me to be!

8. What is your favorite holiday?
Mother’s day!! Hehe I like celebrating the fact that I am a mom. It is my favorite title!

9. Do you have a FB page? If so, let us know here so we can come follow you!
Yep…check me out at

10. Do you have a bucket list and if so, what is on it?
Oh yea. You can find my bucket list here. It’s got a lot. Check it out!

11. If you could choose ONE person to speak to that you have never spoken to before who would it be and what would you say or ask?
Frances Hayward. She ran the Comrades Ultramarathon in 1923 as an unregistered runner. Women were not allowed to participate actually until 1975. I would want to ask her what went through her head that morning as she prepared to run. The emotions and thoughts surrounding such a exigent decision. I would ask her what it felt like to be the first woman to ever run and complete the 90km run and why she would do something so personally challenging when she knew she would not receive the credit or recognition for it? Especially considering how oppressed women were as well at this point in South African history!

And…my 11 questions…duh duh duh

1. What is the accomplishment in your life that you are most proud of?

2. If there was one thing you felt your children HAD to know growing up, what is it?

3. What is your most quirky and/or embarrassing personality aspect?

4. What is one thing you think we’d be surprised to know about you?

5. Did you have a favorite toy as a child? If so, what?

6. If you could time travel, to when would you go and why?

7. What is the most shocking thing you’ve ever done in your life?

8. What did you want to be when you were in grade school?

9. What is the most daring (or out of the box for you) thing you want to do but are too scared to attempt? Can we encourage you to go for it?

10. What is the one food you wouldn’t eat for a million dollars?

11. What game show have you always wanted to participate in? (Oh come on…we’ve all got one! Or if really isn’t one…what TV show sitcom have you always wanted to guest appear in? You can answer both it you choose!)

And without further to do…the nominees are (drum roll please…)
1. According to Mags
2. The Family Pants
3.Figuring it Out as we Grow
4. Taking the Plunge
5. My Wonderfully Imperfect Life
6. Moore Organized Mayhem
7. Handmade Tears and Triumphs
8. Letters to Ian
9. Army Wife, Mommy Life
10. A.D.D. Music Mamma
11. You Know What I Like the Most



  1. Awesome! Some of this was absolutely hysterical! One thing that I didn't see that I really want to see is your bucket list. I really want to see it. You're awesome Shana!

    1. Silly me forgot to load the link!! I'll update it right now but check the tabs at the top of the page! It's there!!!

  2. Oh I lived a stone's throw from the Pacific ocean for a year, it was amazing! When we had the window open we could hear the waves hitting the beach, I loved it!

    Thanks for the nomination!

    1. That is the part I miss the most!! After a long days work or on a bright Saturday morning lying in bed listening to the ocean!

  3. #7... my favorite. ;)
    Thank you so much for the award. :)

    1. Your welcome! It's a way to say thank you for having a great blog I can read!!




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