Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Little Things....

It’s the little things.....

A while back I was so blessed to read a post from MCM Mama Runs. She took some time to remind those of us following her that it is the little things that tend to make such a big difference in our lives.

As I draw ever so near the end of my pregnancy, I have a lot of coals on some never ending fires. I find myself stretched thin between work and chores at home, family time, social time, and personal time. I seem to get lost in the post it notes and day journals that I’m not noticing the little things that are making me smile. So without further ado…..

Little things I’m thankful for each day….

The way Lil Mister calls out ‘Momma’ in the mornings before climbing out of his bed
The late night cups of coffee with MIL while the house is asleep
Morning sunrises as I get an early swim in
Feeling LJ move each night as I say prayers
Sisters and friends in God who bring light on the cloudy days
Fresh fruit and plain yogurt
Friends and co-workers who are believers and live a life dedicated to God whom I can look up to
The ability to take a photograph each and everyday
My husband’s strength and perseverance in tough times
The blessing of working on a farm and being able to watch the circle of life as our products plant, grow and harvest
The stillness as a summer storm breaks through the night sky
Evening walks with Lil Mister as he points out each new thing he has learnt
Having a job I enjoy and look forward to going to each day (and co-workers who make it even better!)
Technology that lets me stay in touch with family
Laying my head on my husbands chest
The joy on Lil Misters face when he goes ‘wee-wee in potty’
In-laws who stand by us through everything
Soaking my feet in the pool at night
A birds chirp in the morning….
The never ending love of God…
Baby kisses and ticklish toes…
My family

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