Thursday, 15 November 2012

One Lesson...Theme Thursday

This topic took me a little off guard. I was prepared for another humorous teeth grinding topic like the last couple of weeks. However, this was more personal. This topic was more real. This topic was hard!

The thought of one…ONE…specific and singular concept was a little daunting. There is so much I want my boys to know! There are so many beliefs they need to be aware of. How do I choose one? Is there one concept that could cover such a vast amount of necessary knowledge?

I’m entering panic mode!

Then it hit me like a speeding bullet! It was like a gigantic light bulb being turned on. I think my face literally lit up at the moment!

It’s actually quite simple. (Say thank you since Thursdays are a double post day for now!!)

If I could make sure that there was one lesson impressed on my children that they knew without a doubt, it would be that they must make God the center of their lives.

If God is at the center of their lives, their hearts, and their minds, then everything else will fall into place. They need not worry about the future because their futures lie with God. They will begin their days, end their days, and live their days in prayer.

Although there are so many concepts I will still want them to know; by making God the center of their lives then they will be involving all of these. Sexual purity and the necessity of it in their hearts is founded in God. Teaching them about jealousy is founded in God. The need to be understanding and love one another is founded in God.

Every moral and value that I hold dear in my life and in my family is founded in the Bible and is part in the whole of having God as the center of my life.

So…there it is! It is a short and actually very simple concept. My children must create a foundation of God as the center of their lives….

Now comes the hard part. Living a life myself that teaches them this!

This post is part of Theme Thursday. Go check it out...all the cool ones are! ;-)


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  1. Very true! If God is the center then all those other things will be pressed onto their hearts from Him. Excellent message, thanks for sharing :)




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