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Week 34...and we're moving on!!!

Today would normally have been my Worship Wednesday and it will return next week. However in light on current events I needed to get my bumpdate out here AND I have decided to try out the Theme Thursday by Cloudy with a chance of wine. Check it out tomorrow!

Not wanting to loose complete view, however, I have to give praises. It is a praise sent out for God providing as He ALWAYS does and also for giving me the most amazing job and boss. My family and I have been blessed since being offered my current job and God continues to do work in this area. I can not express enough how thankful I am to have my boss and his family in my life both via work and personal. God is amazing. I am praising God now for the job He is GOING to provide my husband. Hubby Dearest’s contract with work ends at the end of December but I know God has things in store that we can’t even imagine. I thank Him for this now and I thank Him for using this time to teach us more about faith and patience!

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

WEEK 34…ish

Have I mentioned that I choose the most confusing birth possible? Not actually because of the birth but because of the doctors! Lil Misters pediatrician is Dr. Daya. So when it came time for me to choose a hospital I naturally choose the one that Lil Mister had been in. I knew the way the staff was. I knew the care they gave and was familiar with the layout. I had been quite impressed when I was there. So now came finding a gynae. Pediatrician was solved as Dr. Daya would also be there for LJ. Arranged and set up…check! So what do I go and do when finding a gynae? I choose our pediatricians brother! It made since to me! I liked him so I’d probably like his brother! Only one problem…they have the same name…duh! So now when I’m talking to the medical aid, Hubby Dearest or anyone else about this pregnancy I have to constantly specify Dr. Daya gynae or Dr. Daya pediatrician. I never assumed this would be a problem. I have an appointment with Dr Daya on Tuesday as my friends freak and ask what is wrong with Lil Mister. Confused me says ‘WHY IN THE HECK WOULD I TAKE MY SON TO A GYNAE…then it clicks! In my mind however they are now effectively labeled Daya va-jay-jay or Daya kids! Hehe

On that note….said Daya (gynae) will not be here for the first 2 weeks in December! His ultrasound (being much more advanced) has kicked out a whole spew of due dates for LJ. All are consistent and within 1 week before or after guestimated conceived date. However, this proposes huge problems! The earliest date we are getting is 6 December and that is via the head. The legs give us the 18 December. The abdomen and weight give us the 10 December….all of which do not satisfy my need for control. I was much happier at my GP where the due date had remained the same the WHOLE pregnancy!

Still, gynae says that baby is growing fine. I’m looking good and baby is in prime position for birth. He just needs to drop a little tiny bit lower. Hubby Dearest and I are feeling good. We’re happy. Then he hits us with the bomb shell. He is gone from the 1 December to the 17th!! WTH….apparently another gynae who I opted NOT TO USE will fill in for him during that time and then that gynae takes the remaining time in December off. He gives us an ultimatum….grr!

I must return on the 20th of this month and we will do an internal exam and check the baby’s lungs. At that time if everything says okay (I will be somewhere between 36-37 weeks) we will schedule an elective induction for late the following week putting me within days of 38 weeks if not already 38 weeks. INDUCTION!!!! This is not part of my plan. (Go here to know about my obsessive planning/control!) What am I suppose to do?

If I choose not to do an induction (or if baby isn’t ready) I get stuck more than likely going into labor and having a doctor I DO NOT KNOW! This concerns me. This bothers me. What if I do not like the doctor? What if he makes me uncomfortable? What if we clash as people? I like my gynae. I wanted him to deliver my baby! I wanted him to be the one I check back with! All of this is throwing me for a loop. I feel like I am being ridiculous. The ‘other guy’ is still a doctor. He’ll know what to do, but that doesn’t comfort me. After the terrible experience I had with delivering Lil Mister (all hospital not labor problems) I was so relieved to be going to a hospital I love with a doctor I like. I was feeling good about this. I was feeling confident. I was feeling like everything was falling into place. Now I get this put down in front of me.

It isn’t like we have a lot of time to decide! I wasn’t expecting to meet LJ for another almost 6 weeks. Now if I do this then he is here in 3! I was planning to be at work for another 6 weeks, but now I’d have to settle everything in 2! I’m all of the sudden nervous about meeting our newest addition. I’m nervous about the transition for Lil Mister. (Who by the way we started potty training! OMW! That was also suppose to be done before LJ got here!) I can’t understand how a God who is so mighty and strong and full of love can put such a decision into the hands of a human. I do not understand how I can be expected to make such a decision with so many what if’s for my child. What if the induction doesn’t progress and LJ gets stressed and I have to have a cesarean? What if the stress affects my body and my uterus ruptures (I know there is like a 1% chance but still!)? What if LJ isn’t physically ready and Daya says I’ll have to wait and use the ‘other guy’? I feel cheated. I feel confused. I feel lost. I really do not know what to do at this point. I am praying for guidance from God.

Total Weight Gain: 15kg or 33 lbs

This week, Baby is: 2.3 kg (LJ has grown 400g in two weeks!!)

How far along? 34 weeks, 4 days (Kind of…so we think…guestimate…)

Due date: 6-18 Dec 2012 :-/

Total weight gain/loss: 2kg or 4.4lbs in 2 weeks

Maternity clothes? No, but I’m starting to regret this….

Sleep: haha what is that??

Best moment this week: Hubby Dearest seems to be getting more interested and excited as we get closer to the end!!

Food cravings: Fresh fruit and Veg…I want to make a salad with tuna, fresh greens, tomato, cucumber, broccoli, cranberries, pecans, feta cheese, mixed peppers, radishes, and green onions….hmm

Movement: busy busy busy….especially when I eat

Symptoms: exhaustion…..does that count as a symptom???

Labor Signs: Nope!

Stretch Marks: nope and we’re working hard to keep it that way!

Swelling? Has gone down tremendously!

Belly Button in or out? its definitely almost out.

What I miss: sleep!!!

Feeling toward Pregnancy: Nervous….

What I am looking forward to: time at home with my family!!

Milestones: We had our Gynae appointment!

News: I will be making a decision in the next couple of days after I’ve spoken more with work and Hubby Dearest but you must either follow on facebook here or wait for next weeks bumpdate…sorry!

4-6 Tommy Tippee bottles (I’m not using Liams again) (I’m up to 4!!)
 Dummy
Toweling nappies (Just need to embroider them now!) (MIL has done a beautiful job at crocheting and sewing ribbon on the outsides! Will get photos asap!)
 Hats
 Bibs
 Socks
 Stage 2 diapers
 Stage 3 diapers (Bought 1 pack!)
Wet wipes** I like to stock up
Breast pads (I have one pack now so I'm waiting to see how the breast feeding goes this round!)
 Aqueous cream
 Baby powder
 Baby oil
 Bum cream
 New monitors
 Nipple cream
Face cloths
 Pharmacy stock (Panado, tissue salts, boscopan, telements colic drops, gripe water, milk of magnesia, ear buds, cotton wool, )

****Things I’d like to have*****
New breast pump (I received a great gift from Living and Loving and Avent in a new pump!! Now I can use Liam’s old bottles with stoppers in them for storage as it fits the pump!
 Stoppers
 Microwave sterilizer
 2x more blankets
 2x more receiving blankets
 New nappy bag
 2x new towels

 Coming Home Outfit (Need wool! A friend is going to crochet a jacket and hat and booties for him! Then we'll just wear a vest and white pants!)
 2x summer jammies

3-6 MONTHS (this is where I gave a lot of Liams stuff away!)
 12x vests (4 long sleeves) (I got 2!!)
 4x cotton pants (with feet)
 2x summer jammies
 4-6x T-shirts
 3-5x Rompers (I got 1!!)
 3-5x Onesies (I got 3!!)

6-12 MONTHS (this is a season change from winter to summer for us! 3 months in each season)
 2x Winter jammies
 3x summer jammies
 2x jackets
 4x cotton pants
 3x shorts
 2x long sleeves
 6x short sleeves
 12x vests
 2x Rompers

Oh and in my true fashion I have made a list for the hospital bag as well! Maybe this will get me in motion a little bit. However, despite having been through this before I feel like I’m not packing everything I will need! Open to suggestions!

Labour/Birth Bag

 Admission documents
   o Passport
   o Doctors documents
   o Hospital documents
   o Any birth preferences
 Snacks/drinks
 Lip balm
 Little cash
 Music/Something to Read
 Calming focus photo
 Camera
 Facecloth x2 (one for in labor, one for shower after)
 Towel
 Change of comfortable clothes
 Change of panties
 Maternity pads
 Post-birth clothing
 LJ’s first outfit
   o Vest, pants, shirt, sweater
   o Socks, hat, bib
   o Nappy, bum cream
 Receiving blanket/blanket

Mommy’s Hospital Bag

 Maternity Pads
 3-4 sets pajamas
 Nursing bras/panties
 Bath robe
 Socks/slippers
 Breast pads
 Breast pump/bottles
 Toiletries
   o Shampoon/Cond
   o Soap
   o Toothpaste/toothbrush
   o Lotion/oil
   o Deo
   o Hairbrush/gel/spray/clips & bands
   o Nipple cream
 Extra towel
 Rehydrate
 Journal/Reading material
 Phone Charger
 Pillow & blanket

LJ’s Hospital Bag
 1x pack disposable nappies
 Dark face cloth for bum
 Wet wipes
 Bum cream
 Aqueous cream
 Cotton balls
 Soap
 Hair brush
 Towel/face cloth
 Vaseline
 Surgical Spirits
 5x baby grows
 5x vests
 5x socks/booties
 2x hats
 Jacket/jersey
 3x receiving blankets
 1x blanket
 3x toweling nappies
 Colic drop.

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