Monday, 12 November 2012

Training and Changes

First off you will notice the blog has a new look! Don't worry it's still me! Just a new look! I'll be adding some new features over the next couple of weeks too. All is just preparing for me to be awol for a couple of weeks after LJ joins our world!!
November 4, 2012. That was the day. It was decided. Mommy and Daddy had had enough. We were….we were….POTTY TRAINING!

Okay this past week hasn’t been so bad. Poor Lil Mister had a bit of a tummy bug last Wednesday and had quite a few accidents and therefore we resorted back to nappies for the day. (I’m not a fan of washing poo out of underpants so there is NO WAY I expect it from the crèche either!) Otherwise we’re doing okay. He just doesn’t want to sit on the dang potty! He will wee in the grass with daddy (and in the bath :-/ NOT WITH DADDY!). But that potty is just not something he wants to sit on! I’m considering taking the middle part out that sits on the toilet and trying that. Maybe he’ll like it more…feel more like a big boy! I don’t know at this point. He sits when he wants too. We try placing it in front of the tv…that keeps him still for oh two minutes! Toys distract him long enough to get a good sit but he just doesn’t wee then!

Wednesday morning he started to go on his bedroom floor! I ran like lightening to him with the potty and we got about half in the potty. I screamed for excitement therefore Lil Mister also screams! He points at his potty and claps his hands! I’m not sure if he got it or if he was just happy that I was happy. Whatif as long as he starts to understand that going potty in his potty equals GOOD! Ha-ha!

Here is my problem with the whole potty training extravaganza. Lil Mister is in said crèche because of his wonderful teacher (read a little about her here). She is only working half day at the moment because she is also prego! The mornings usually go pretty great. I send two nappies to school. One is for nap time. I send the extra nappy incase he decides to make a poo. He actually comes and asks you to put a nappy on so he can poo! Yet everyday when Hubby Dearest picks Lil Mister up from school he has a nappy on with his underpants OVER it! W-T-heck is wrong with the afternoon people?

Thursday it wasn’t even one of Lil Misters nappies! This makes absolutely no sense because he had a clean nappy still in his bag! Are they just too ignorant to go take a nappy out of Lil Mister’s own bag? The nappy he had on was SO full that all the gel stuff busted out all over Hubby Dearest’s bukkie. It was like a blizzard of wee soaked snow globe flurries! I can literally imagine the stuff belting out the lyrics to “I want to break free” as they scurried across the seats and onto the floor board.

After that, Lil Mister’s bum was a shade of pink that closely resembled my cheeks after shoveling the snow from a driveway! I was am furious! I asked the owner of the school Friday morning if the afternoon people are just too darn lazy to deal with potty training. They’re busy undoing any work we are accomplishing! I know he goes on the ground! We JUST STARTED! He isn’t so sure and if you don’t take him to the potty he isn’t going to get his jolly playing self up and walk there!

Hubby Dearest picked Lil Mister up 2 hours early Thursday as well. I said to Hubby Dearest I think they’re using other kids’ nappies every afternoon! Because we only send one extra and they don’t want to send him home in a soaking wet nappy and clothes. I would freak (like I’ve done now!). Therefore they use someone else’s and then change him into his just before Hubby would normally come! I’m ready to have a mental breakdown at this point.

I don’t like mopping up the wee either. I don’t like scrubbing all of the clothes. (Ma helped me on Sunday and it still took us over an hour to wash all his stuff! We do wash his by hand!) I mean really they could be thankful that a 22 month old child at least has enough sense to tell us he wants to poo! If they’d listen to him then they wouldn’t have to clean those underpants! Put a darn nappy on the kid if he wants to poo and then take it off. How hard is it?

Lil Mister will be attending a new school next year. The age requirement is two. They are a pretty strict school. They have high standards! They will make sure Lil Mister is potty trained but I’d like to walk in there like bam spanking darn good mom with a two year old who is well on his way to being fully potty trained! This is a pretty formal school setting. He will be wearing uniform from three years of age. I’m excited for this school and their curriculum! I don’t want to explain that the previous school f……screwed up any hopes of potty training by complete confusing the wiring in my child’s head!

Sunday he did the majority of his business on the ground outside. Lil Mister spent the entire day (when at home…I did dress him for church!) in the nude. We played safari, swung on the tire swing, and swam twice! There was too much going on for him to manage the potty I assume.

There is hope however! This morning as we are getting ready for the day Lil Mister comes to the potty and stands there. He asks me to take his nappy off and then does his business in his potty! I was extremely proud of him! He of course looked at me like I’m crazy. I guess the excitement is starting to wear off a little.

So for now, I look forward to a pee filled week. I’m sure I will wash the carpet more than once, do a ridiculous amount of laundry, and slip into a coffee induced coma as I suffer nightmares of another nappy bomb! (I’m considering restricting liquids but dang if it isn’t already 37 degrees C!) At least I know the grass will be getting watered ;-)

Wish us luck!


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