Friday, 23 November 2012

Friday Check back

Well another week has come and gone and in true fashion for my family it has been far from boring!

I don't talk alot about personal things on here but I have to take a moment and...
Hubby Dearest got a new job today! He has been working this whole time but we wanted him out of the emergency service industry where he can work set hours and just be at home when he is at home! Sure enough he went for an interview on Tuesday and they offered him the job today! I'm am so thankful at the moment for this!
ALSO!! We are moving!! YAY!!! You'll hear a lot in the upcoming weeks about my frantic attempt to get everything settled with LJ just around the corner and still working full time...but then what would Organized Chaos be without a little bit of, well, chaos!?!? My work has helped us find a 2 bedroom house that is reasonable. I am so blessed to have such a caring boss and his family to be such wonderful friends in God! I truly love them all! I can not express my gratitude to him and his family!

So if all goes well and I can finalize everything today, then we'll move over the weekend! Again to be on our own! I will miss being in the same house as everyone and the early morning teas with Ma, but we need to be our own little family now and prepare for LJ! I am beyond excited!

In other news, potty training is a big hit in our house! Lil Mister seems to have taken quite a liking to it! I've also been busy preparing for a new me. I have a lot coming up after LJ is born between work and getting back into training and I'm excited to share the ups and downs of it all with all of you!! I know you're excited too! We're still busy working on that dang sauce of ours! But it looks like we're fighting an uphill battle! I hope you join in next Wednesday to hear more juicy ingrediants!

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Otherwise just check out the buttons on the side over there>>> to see some awesome hops going on this past week!!

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Amazing how everything comes together in the end! Congratulations on everything.




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