Thursday, 1 November 2012

Week 33....almost there

So next week is my gynae appointment! Quite excited to hear what he has to say. At this point in the pregnancy everything seems to be hitting me all at once! There is a lot of stress going on which probably affects it all, but physically I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall. Things were going great only 2 weeks ago! If you’d have asked I’d have told you I’ve barely noticed this pregnancy other than that I can’t run simply because I know that physically I can’t take so much. But I was still walking and doing aerobics and even starting to swim with the weather warming up. Yet after the last month, I think it is finally a brick wall. We had in the last 6 weekends a bachelor/bachelorette party, a wedding, a carnival, another wedding, and the picnic. This weekend we have my works year end function. My body is tired, my mind is tired, my emotions are empty. As much as I want to carry full term and have LJ born on Hubby Dearest’s great grandfather’s birthday (15 December), if I was to go into labor now I’d be perfectly happy!!

Total Weight Gain: 29.7 lbs!!!

This week, Baby is: 1.9 kg or 4.2 lbs (and expected to double from here on out which will put him right in line with Lil Mister!)

How far along? 33 weeks, 5 days

Due date: 15 Dec 2012

Total weight gain/loss: Okay I know it is quite a jump and not completely accurate but it has been 6 weeks since my last appointment and I was guestimating!! So in 6 weeks I gained 12.1 lbs!! Whoo-hoo!!

Maternity clothes? No but with all the weight gain in the last few weeks I’m starting to see it! Haha but I’m way too stubborn. I’m past the point of no return.

Sleep: Getting worse…I seem to be having a lot of Braxton hicks in the night and in the morning and generally all day long...:-(

Best moment this week: I'm actually starting to really get excited for the birth! I guess because it is starting to get closer!!

Food cravings: I don’t even really want to eat at this point! There just isn't room for food...

Movement: Much less but he’s still busy in there. Extremely EXTREMELY still today...hmm

Symptoms: Just strong Braxton hicks...and another thing but I'm not so much into the over sharing :-/

Labor Signs: Nope!

Stretch Marks: nope and we’re working hard to keep it that way!

Swelling? My feet :-(

Belly Button in or out? its most definetly out.

What I miss: eating spicy foods without regretting it!!! Jalapeno and Pineapple anyone??

Feeling toward Pregnancy: Ready to meet LJ and be done with pregnancy….

What I am looking forward to: raising two wonderful boys to be men of God!

Milestones: Nothing major but I'm pretty sure LJ is in perfect position because I've gone still on my right side and all his kicks are to the left!!

News: Less than a week until gynae...YAY!!!


4-6 Tommy Tippee bottles  Did anyone else realize that the small Tommy Tippee bottles are the same ml as the medium Advent bottles??? And the price is better!

 Dummy (Side Bar: Lil Mister used Nuk dummy's until he was 18 months then only took a Tommy Tippee one but we still call it a nuk-nuk lol)

Toweling nappies (Just need to embroider them now! MIL is working on that now...will get pictures up!)

 Hats

 Bibs

 Socks

 Stage 2 diapers

 Stage 3 diapers (I bought 1 pack!)

Wet wipes** I like to stock up

Breast pads (I have one pack now so I'm waiting to see how the breast feeding goes this round!)

 Aqueous cream

 Baby powder

 Baby oil

 Bum cream

 New monitors

 Nipple cream

 Face cloths (MIL is also working on crocheting these!)

 Pharmacy stock (Panado, tissue salts, boscopan, telements colic drops, gripe water, milk of magnesia, ear buds, cotton wool, )

****Things I’d like to have*****
New breast pump (I received a great gift from Living and Loving and Avent in a new pump!! Now I can use Liam’s old bottles with stoppers in them for storage as it fits the pump!

 Stoppers

 Microwave sterilizer

 2x more blankets

 2x more receiving blankets

 New nappy bag

 2x new towels


 Coming Home Outfit (Need wool! A friend is going to crochet a jacket and hat and booties for him! Then we'll just wear a vest and white pants!)

 2x summer jammies

3-6 MONTHS (this is where I gave a lot of Liams stuff away!)

 12x vests (4 long sleeves) (I got 2!!)

 4x cotton pants (with feet)

 2x summer jammies

 4-6x T-shirts

 3-5x Rompers (I got 1!!)

 3-5x Onesies (I got 2!!)

6-12 MONTHS (this is a season change from winter to summer for us! 3 months in each season)

 2x Winter jammies

 3x summer jammies

 2x jackets

 4x cotton pants

 3x shorts

 2x long sleeves

 6x short sleeves

 12x vests

 2x Rompers

Oh and in my true fashion I have made a list for the hospital bag as well! Maybe this will get me in motion a little bit. However, despite having been through this before I feel like I’m not packing everything I will need! Open to suggestions!

Labour/Birth Bag

 Admission documents

o Passport

o Doctors documents

o Hospital documents

o Any birth preferences

 Snacks/drinks

 Lip balm

 Little cash

 Music/Something to Read

 Calming focus photo

 Camera

 Facecloth x2 (one for in labor, one for shower after)

 Towel

 Change of comfortable clothes

 Change of panties

 Maternity pads

 Post-birth clothing

 LJ’s first outfit

o Vest, pants, shirt, sweater

o Socks, hat, bib

o Nappy, bum cream

 Receiving blanket/blanket

Mommy’s Hospital Bag

 Maternity Pads

 3-4 sets pajamas

 Nursing bras/panties

 Bath robe

 Socks/slippers

 Breast pads

 Breast pump/bottles

 Toiletries

o Shampoon/Cond

o Soap

o Toothpaste/toothbrush

o Lotion/oil

o Deo

o Hairbrush/gel/spray/clips & bands

o Nipple cream

 Extra towel

 Rehydrate

 Journal/Reading material

 Phone Charger

 Pillow & blanket

LJ’s Hospital Bag

 1x pack disposable nappies

 Dark face cloth for bum

 Wet wipes

 Bum cream

 Aqueous cream

 Cotton balls

 Soap

 Hair brush

 Towel/face cloth

 Vaseline

 Surgical Spirits

 5x baby grows

 5x vests

 5x socks/booties

 2x hats

 Jacket/jersey

 3x receiving blankets

 1x blanket

 3x toweling nappies

 Colic drops


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