Thursday, 29 November 2012

Week 37

I can not believe I'm posting week 37! These last couples of weeks are dragging on and on for eternity but when I look back on the whole scheme of things, well this pregnancy has flown by!
At this point I am desperatly regretting the decision to work so far into my pregnancy. I would love to be at home right now. Everyday by noon I can barely keep my eyes open and am worried about not having rested at all before LJ is born.
I really can't imagine that within the next 3 weeks I will be holding my second little blessing from God and that my Lil Mister will be a big brother (I'm scared to death!). But all will fall into place and as we settle into our new home, I'm excited and ready to take this next step as a family!

Total Weight Gain: 61kg (+17 kg)
This week, Baby is: ????

How far along? 37 weeks, 4 days (Kind of…so we think…guestimate…)
Due date: 6-18 Dec 2012 :-/

Total weight gain/loss: I lost 2kg of my hard earned weight. I am not happy about this. BUT I do remember loosing weight right before I went into labor with Liam as well.
Maternity clothes?  Ah heck...I only have a week and a half left at work then I can wear sweats at home all day! I figure I've made it this far...I'm holding out camp!

Sleep: ZERO....I have forgotten what this is! The contractions wake me up every night and by the time I get back to sleep Lil Mister wakes up!

Best moment this week: Moving into our new place! It is a bitter sweet move because I already miss seeing Ma everyday but I'm glad to be our little family again!

Food cravings: Not actually. I'd eat cereal all day though! (I never knew I could get Fruit Loops in South Africa!!)

Movement: Very VERY low! It feels like he is clawing his way out!

Symptoms: I have a chest infection...but that really isn't pregnancy related! It just needs to go away or I'm going to cough the baby out!

Labor Signs: Contractions are RIDICULOUS! OMW...I can really remember how labor was now!

Stretch Marks: nope and we’re working hard to keep it that way!

Swelling? Gone down tremedously!

Belly Button in or out? It is most definitely out!

What I miss: still breathing! haha

Feeling toward Pregnancy: Excited and ready to be done!

What I am looking forward to: knowing I'm never going to have children again! I love my boys, both of them already, and wouldn't trade them for the world. But I've got the whole been there done that attitude towards pregnancy now and have no desires to relive it a 3rd time!

Milestones: Nothing so much unless you count the Braxtons coming from my back now as a milestone! ;-)

News: Did you read that one about Brittany Spears admitting she shaved her head whenever ago because of fearing she'd fail a drug test?...oh not that news okay yea there is nothing news-y about the pregnancy right now!


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