Thursday, 29 November 2012

I've tasted it all....

When I saw this weeks topic I almost fell out of my chair in fits of laughter (thank God for arm rests!). My mind immediately began throwing out ideas at the speed of light of all the things parents would be able to hand out!

I knew my list would be slightly less interesting as I am a very I try to be organized!

As mothers we quickly learn that EVERYTHING must be tasted by our littles. Apparently one cannot truly know an object unless it has been in ones mouth.

I think every one of my sons stuffed animals have been in my mouth at one point. He has shoved countless cars, blocks, and bath toys in between my tightly pursed lips. His laughter as he wins this game is beyond heart pleasing.

If he is unsure of the taste of anything, Mommy is the expert. This has led to many mid-dinner discussion gags. This is what happens when little is sitting in their stool eating as you and Papa are deep in discussion. In true little fashion they need your attention now and are asking that you taste something. Not wanting to loose your conversation you lean slightly and open your mouth for them to insert the necessary object. You are quickly aware that this is not only a combination of the foods given to said little but it is nicely sauced in their saliva because well how else could you properly taste unless you were tasting EXACTLY what had been in their mouth!

Two other things I never imagined in my mouth but made it before was toes and bum! There is nothing like a babies toes! Kisses are necessary! A toddler as well thinks it perfectly acceptable that you must kiss away the boo-boo on his toes as well as on his arm! Secondly irresistible is a new born bum! It is perfectly acceptable to need to give it a kiss or two in the first week!

However with this all, there is one story that comes to mind. It is my best and most memorable pre-parenting lesson. This is something I had to learn the albeit stupid but hard way.

Just over a year before I got married, my youngest brother was born (yes we are 18 years apart in age!). I was in love from day one of course and spent every second I got with him making sure he was laughing!

One lovely summer afternoon when he was about 6 months old, I got the joys of playing with him!

Bouncing was the game of the day! Sit on sissies lap and bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

The laughter flowed out of him like waters from a mountain side waterfall. It was ceaseless. His face lit up!

Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

Dad comes around to tell me that little had just had a bottle about half an hour ago.

Silly teenage girl thought ‘that’s 30 whole minuets! What does that have to do with me now?’

Bounce. Laugh. Bounce. Laugh. Bounce. Laugh. Laugh!

Silence. Weird face.

Just as I opened my mouth to call out for my dad in fear I’d broke the baby, it came.

It was hot. It was sour. It was….milk.

Straight from littles mouth into mine!

30 minutes!! Why didn’t my dad just tell me this could happen!?!?

Dad laughs. The family laughs. Little laughs.

I drink 2 cans of coke, brush my teeth, and still remember the taste today!

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