Monday, 9 September 2013

Another weekend gone...

Hey peeps! How was your weekend?

This is our new neighbor. She decided our plant just outside our door is a great place to lay her eggs!

 Mine...eish! Well, it was both relaxing and calm and crazy busy! I know it seems like a contradiction but that is honestly how I feel about it!

I’ve been asking Hubby Dearest for a calm, quiet weekend at home for MONTHS now! Literally, it has been more than two months since we had a weekend where we just didn’t have plans constantly! 

 So this weekend, I got my wish....sort of.

Friday night was spent at home doing....well, not much of anything! It was lovely! Hubby wanted some hamburgers so we mixed that up and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! After a very restless week the previous...well actually a couple of restless weeks; Hubby and I decided something needed to change in our routine!

It started with naps and bedtimes! LJ has been waking up around 5:30 each morning. He naps at 9 am for something close to 30 minutes. Then again at 12 for 30 minutes. Maggy would bath him around 2:30 and he would sleep again around 4 for maybe an hour! Then at night we would rock him to sleep and he would lay in his pram or on the bed with me or we would attempt the cot. Most of the time he woke up after an hour and it started the routine of constantly rocking him to sleep over and over again until finally I just climbed in the bed with him!

Lil Mister would sleep at 10:45 each morning until close to 1 and then at bedtime he has been falling asleep in the lounge while we watch TV.

I can never accomplish much on a Saturday because while one sleeps the other is awake! This week of #teamnosleep did me in.

Friday night we switched LJ to an evening bath again. The winter is over here and now he can begin to bath with Lil Mister at 6 pm. So...they both bathed, then we all ate dinner. After dinner, we played blocks and read stories and calmed down. Just before 8, I sat down with LJ and a bottle. Instead of normally letting him gradually feed off a bottle for hours, I didn’t allow him to have a bottle at all from 5:30 when I got home until now. He had eaten dinner and had water. Just no milk. He drank the whole bottle! Then I and Hubby kissed him and gave hugs and laid him in his crib.

And....he....screamed! And he cried. This went on and on for about an hour. Finally, I noticed the cries waning until there was utter silence. I went to check on him....he was asleep....standing up with his head resting on his arms holding onto the side of the cot! I wanted so badly to get a picture for you all, but alas the flash would have woke him! I laid him down and covered him up and went to bed myself.

Lil Mister had also been laid down in his bed, but being the big boy he is....he said prayers, called for me a few times and that was it. He went to sleep.

Saturday was the first day LJ had to stay up past his morning nap. He did wonderfully. He started getting fussy but we all went outside and played. Eventually the boys were covered in mud and we headed back in for baths. 

After baths, LJ got a bottle and again...drank the whole thing! He fell asleep while drinking. I laid him in his crib and it was peace for....wait for it....wait for it...AN HOUR AND A HALF!
Oh yea people! I gave Lil Mister snacky while LJ drank his bottle and then took Lil Mister to his bed. I tucked him in, read him a story and he too went right to sleep! I was so completely proud of them!

In the meantime, I was busy in the house. LJ woke up about 30 minutes before Lil Mister and we got together and headed quickly to the shop.

That afternoon as Hubby and I were cleaning the kitchen we were a crashing sound and a whooshing sound and then a loud POP!

We rush to the lounge to find ourselves knee deep in water, LJ giggling like a mad man, and a Lil Mister sitting dead still. Sure enough, the fish tank was leaning against the wall and water was rushing out.

A photo would have been lovely at this moment but....Hubby was so furious that I didn’t dare risk the consequences. Instead, LJ went outside to play while Lil Mister got sent to his room. He knew he wasn’t supposed to play there.

(Now before you start your judging, understand our kitchen/lounge is open plan. So it’s not like the kids were left alone in another part of the house. Hubby and I were talking as we were washing and drying dishes. Lil Mister was just very very sneaky....not quite sneaky enough though!)

The next hour and a half were spent cleaning up 130 L of water. Luckily the fish were saved and swimming happily in a much smaller tank!

I’m blessed to say that the rest of the weekend was relatively simple. LJ only cried for about 30 minutes Saturday night and again Lil Mister put up no fight!

Sunday morning we spent at church and got home just in time for their naps. LJ fell asleep during his bottle and Lil Mister was out before I could tell him to cover up!

We lounged all day and relaxed the evening! LJ was down to 15 minutes last night! So, we’re getting there! I’m so proud of them and Hubby and I for doing this!

How was your weekend?

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Shana Danae..

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