Friday, 6 September 2013

What You Missed W36

Lil Mister and Oupa watching the races!
I'm so freaking nervous peeps! For those of you who aren't following me on Twitter or Facebook, I posted today that Hubby Dearest is reading this little corner of the www for the VERY.FIRST.TIME! Now, I really don't have anything to worry about because I'm not on here bashing his name or dragging our family through the mud. I have nothing to be embarrassed about because I am nothing but honest.

However....I guess I just hope he is proud! 

In other news, LJ slept last night! Finally! After almost a week of getting an 1 (2 if I was really lucky) of sleep per night because of teething and snotties....we got some frackin' sleep in the Scott household! Peeps I don't know if you have any idea what that felt like, but it was close to heaven! Needless to say, I over slept and only got up at 6 am...leaving us with 30 minutes to shower, get ready and get out the door! We made it in one piece though!

This past week has been an interesting one and I'm still enjoying the feelings of euphoria from being back with all of you!

I wanted to stop and share a few of my favorite Tweets from this week! These are a few lovely ladies that you should head over and check out...right now! Okay...wait first finish reading this post!
That moment when you've consumed way TOO much sugar in one day and feel like you now have diabetes
A friend is pregnant with their first baba - looking through their gift list - I want to tell her to take everything off except nappies!
Overheard from the playroom: My son: "You're fired!" My daughter: "On no I'm not!" #shetoldhim

And while we're busy with might want to drop in on a couple of these posts too!
What Being a Mom Looks Like: Ash gets into our hearts this week as she discusses the image of 'mom' and what it means to her!
Wordless Wednesday- Garden: Take a look at what is growing in Rebecca's garden! Oh, yes you can be jealous!

Oh and it's not too late to head over to Facebook and link up with FatMumSlim and the September Photo-a-Day challenge!

Saturday brought you a funny thought from our household, while Sunday you were blessed with a little bit of spiritual inspiration graces of Pinterest!

Monday I ranted a little bit about my previous week! Okay, but all of us can agree....sometimes it just needs to come out! I also dropped a bomb and broke down my favorites of last summer, the winter we're finishing up and the upcoming summer excitement! I hope you enjoyed the Sunday Social and maybe you'll stop by A Complete Waste of Makeup to link up this week!

(Pic Credit) Have I mentioned how frackin' excited I am to see this show again! Mmm hmm!
Tuesday we got series with the second installment of the Kids 'n Worship series! I'm enjoying this so much and hope that you are too! I'd love some feedback! Drop by the Prayer Power page and let me know how we can pray for you and your children's worship life!

Wednesday we took it easy with a Wordless Wed hop! 
And Thursday I talked a little about putting my self expectations in to persepective with what God wants for me!

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All in all, I hope you had a fab-freakin-tastic week! I pray that you're weekend is blessed and full of laughter, family and smiles! 

Stick around the weekend for a laugh and some more inspiration!

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