Friday, 27 September 2013

Some Financial Release and What You Missed 27.9

It’s been a rough week on the Organized Chaos front! I spoke before about wanting to change our family shopping habits. Let’s just say this didn’t work so well. But financially....things just aren’t getting easier!

I’ve been praying a lot about what we are supposed to do and for guidance in how we handle situations. A few weeks back though, God spoke to me insurmountably through scripture assuring me that I’m not only supposed to be trusting in Him to handle ALL things but that it is time for Hubby Dearest and I to take a few steps back and reassess the manner in which we are living.

Hebrews 13:5 
Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Matthew 6:33 
But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you

There are so many things in our daily lives that I am considering a necessity which in all reality is luxuries! So....this month Hubby and I vowed that we would make some changes and that I was going to cut our groceries down by half!

This meant serious meal planning. I’ve spent more than 10 hours writing and re-writing meals that we can make within our budget. This called for quite a bit of creativity. I also did a virtual shopping trip at my main grocery store. I love that they have everything priced out online. So, I can get a medium price range.

I will then hit a couple of other shops in town that are all within walking distance to check what I can get that is cheaper than at my main store and then pick up the rest there.

And after a lot of stress and frustration....I have managed to get our budget within a R100 of where I want to be! That is huge! This means I have cut R1200 from our spending which is approximately 20% of my monthly salary SAVED! I am so happy.

I know that I couldn’t have done this without the help of God. He has provided me with patience, encouragement, and understanding this past week! And I praise Him for this!

I am actually looking forward to shopping this weekend and cannot wait to update you all on how this went! I’m a walking financial experiment, but if I can do can you!

And let me just note that the cost of living is much higher in South Africa than when I was in America so this has called for much willing sacrifice!

My favorite Tweets of the week:
I may have just had pasta for breakfast..judge away

@Raising Reagan
Today’s #Quote: “Sometimes you have to do whats best for you and your life, not whats best for everybody else.” ~Unknown

My favorite posts of the week:
Rebecca shared this week about some great blessings she is receiving! You can check her out on my sidebar as well!

So, here’s a little insight to what you missed this week!

Saturday I joked about the realities of silence with children in the house! I’m sure we can all relate to this! And on Sunday, I shared with you about how God is speaking in our lives through nature with a little help from Louie Giglio!

Monday I poured open a wound and shared with you how I committed my worst ever Mommyfail. Thank you for all the encouraging comments I received! I’m working towards getting over this!

Tuesday we had another installment of Kids ’n Worship! This week I discussed how hypocrisy in our own lives can destroy what we are trying to achieve with our children!

Wednesday came with another week of Wordless Wednesdays. C is such an amazing friend to me and a blessing from God in my life! I am so grateful to have celebrated her birthday with her!

Thursdaywas a throwback as I linked up with Jenn for Theme Thursdays! We talked all about TV and I relayed my favorite cartoons from when I was kid!

I also shared with you about a great giveaway I’m so excited to be a part of! Check it out and enter to win some awesome gear for your kids!

And today I’ve stepped back to just appreciate all that is our bloggy world!

Please stick around the weekend for another Saturday Funny and Sunday Inspiration! And as always I love to hear from you! Have you stopped by the Prayer Power page lately? We’ve got some amazing stories in the power of God!

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Shana Danae..


  1. I menu plan all the time. The work is worth the time! You will learn to save lots of money... and you'll get super creative with recipes. I love the Hillbilly Housewife's website - she has loads of cheap recipes.

    Praying for you on this financial venture.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    P.S. Matthew 6:33 is my favourite scripture right now.

  2. We've had a rough few months financially that caused us to reevaluate some things as well. Meal planning in some form or fashion is definitely helpful and I also feel that cooking what you can from scratch and not wasting an ounce of food is essential! It's been hard but it can be done.

    I often have to remind myself that my mother managed to keep herself and three children sheltered, clothed and fed on so much less than what we bring in.

    You said it...It's a matter of trusting in God, cutting back in every possible way and being content with where you are and what you have! Good luck on this journey!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Sometimes it feels like we are the only ones experiencing it! You are so right about the cooking from scratch! I speak Monday about how I cook every night of the week....and I love it too! ;-)
    Our Moms were amazing and I love knowing that if they can do can I. God has truly blessed me!
    Thank you for your well wishes!

  4. Thank you for your prayers! And the great website! I'm sure that site is going to help me so So much!

    I hope your weekend was amazing and that verse was so uplifting! Thank you for sharing it!




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