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TT: we're tackling them!


It can actually be a pretty scary word! Goals can either make you or break you. I’ve talked before about all my plans and goals! I’m a stickler for them...I absolutely LOVE them! And we can't disclude my desire for contol, which I've NEVER spoken about here or here!

I tend to make way more than I can keep up with at one time. But that’s okay! I keep them on like a revolving loan type basis. I continuously add goals to my list. Restructuring based on what is the most important to me at the moment.

As one is marked off...another goes on. I love the drive to constantly achieve something! I thrive on the ecstasy of meeting another deadline!

Who can forget this post? I miss looking that good!
However, hand in hand falls the turmoil. As much as I love to achieve my goals, it rips me apart when I’m not meeting them.

At times, it feels like my goal list is staring me down waiting to see who blinks first! It literally tears me up. I start to feel like I’m I’m failing! It’s as if I just need someone to hold my hand and get me through my little puddle to the dry land on the other side!

Which is why I was overjoyed when last weekend, Hubby Dearest said he wanted me to fashion a goal chart for us that we could put on the fridge to work on! He named a few things that he wanted me to list that we had spoken about in the recent weeks and said he wanted a daily reminder of where we want our family to be headed!

I loved the idea! I think that both of us being on the same page....knowing the same outline...seeing the same was almost too good to be true!

Below is an image I found that gave me the basic idea for our goal chart as well:

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So I broke it down so it suited us a little more! First up was our focus (my goal chart is monthly!) for September. Ours is routine! We’re busy sleep training the boys and potty training Lil Mister, therefore our whole focus right now is all about a new routine!

Then there is our “Family Goals” in which we outline things that we are working on that directly affect our daily family life! Top of the list...the boys are to go to sleep in their own beds! We’re working on this...but each day is beter!
Next, one TV show per night {or less!}. Hubby and I have a bad habit of falling asleep in front of the TV from exhaustion after the boys lay down. NO MORE! If we want to watch TV, one show is all we get....otherwise if we’re too tired we just go to bed!
And lastly in our family section is that we want to be doing at least one constructive activity with the boys a night. Some nights are so packed and rushed we finally flop down having actually done nothing but randomness all night! We’re working towards at least doing one thing {i.e. building blocks, coloring, riding bikes together} with them each night that is 100% focused on what we’re doing.

We have spiritual goals in which we talk about a daily devotional time and reading bible stories every night before bed. And we have marriage goals which talk about spending more time focused on each other!

We have outlined financial goals which include wanting to cut our grocery spending in half {that's right people IN HALF and I believe in God that we'll get it done!} and praise God for what we have rather than curse what we don’t!

There are physical goals, household goals and even parenting development where Hubby and I both agree to work on our tempers!
Do we expect everything to be finished in September? No, but we have agreed to sit down at the end of the month and journal our progress and re-outline goals for October!

This is in our faces, constantly reminding us of how we’re improving, how we’re focusing on what is best for our children, and how we’re making time for ourselves both as a couple and individuals!

And honestly, I feel more positive already just seeing it up there for a week! I can’t wait to update all of you on how we did!

What are some goals you have? Are you making goals as a couple?

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  1. It's been hard but since we've done it we've been enjoying out evenings with the boys SO much more!




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