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Sunday Social....Reminiscing, Living, and Foreseeing

This was a little hard for me this week since we opposite yall in seasons! I debated on whether to do it for last summer, winter which is now ending, or upcoming summer predictions...I couldn’t decide so I did all three! ;-)

1.   What was your favorite trip/vacation/activity this summer?
Last summer....I gave birth to my beautiful LJ! It was a very exciting event in our household!

During the winter we were very VERY busy! But I’d say Family Camp was the absolutely most fulfilling trip of the winter!

This summer we’ll be heading down to Durban to visit our Ouma and Oupa! It will be Ouma’s very first time meeting her great grandson’s and Oupa will be seeing Lil Mister for the second time and LJ for the first! I absolutely cannot wait to tell you all about this!

2.   What was your favorite outfit look/clothing item of the summer?
Last was all about comfort since I was pregnant; then just unpregnant! Haha...we won’t go there!
During the winter I was fond of my maxi skirt! Remember our winters don’t get SO cold and especially this winter was pretty mild!

This summer...well I’m super excited about getting my pre-kids body back as best I can! So I’m ready to start getting into some summer dresses and transitioning my maxi skirts/dresses from winter looks to summer hots! The summer here kills so it’s all about comfort! Oh...and a great one piece (did I mention we’re going to Durban? Lol)
3.   What is one thing you wish you’d gotten to do this summer?
Last summer...I really wanted to get to the sea to visit our grandparents, but with work and a just wasn’t meant to be. I’m so grateful we’re making that up now!
During the winter, I really wanted some more one on one time with Hubby Dearest. Life is so busy (and expensive) it seems there is always one excuse or another for why we aren’t making dates!
This summer...everything is changing! We’re finally making that trip to our which we’ve started making arrangements to go out on an official date while there! It will be the first time since our anniversary in 2012! I’m serious people! Oh...and we’ve got plans for a few camping trips! One as just the adults ;-) and a few family weekends away! I cannot wait! It’s all about our marriage and our family this summer! Whoo-hoo!
4.   What was your favorite song of the summer?
Last summer....I was behind on the music scene! Then again I normally am! But I was groovin’ on Adele and Bruno Mars! I don’t think I could listen to them enough!

During the winter, I was really feeling Casting Crowns! It has been a pretty difficult year with PPD, our parents moving away, and some marital changes....I need the uplifting nature of their music!

This summer....I want to discover some new artists without loosing my current taste! As of right now...I foresee a lot of Passenger! How can I not love em?

5.   What was your favorite movie/tv show of the summer?
Last summer...oh you’re so going to laugh...but we didn’t have cable and only picked up 4 channels via satellite....I was addicted to watching Days of Our Lives with my FIL! Oh...I’m totally serious!
During the winter, we were so busy it seemed we never got time to watch TV...but I won’t lie...I was sucked into NCIS: LA....I mean really it’s like one of the best shows of all time. Then again, I’m all about the police and law shows lately!
This summer...I don’t foresee a lot of TV time for us, but I totally know I’m marking off the days until the new season of Rookie Blue comes on! Oh yea....I told you about the police and law thing (whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do; whatcha gonna do when they come for you. Bad boys bad boys.) (Don’t even look at me like that know you used to sing that song as a kid too!) But seriously people...we are a little bit behind yall on some shows and things and then because I don’t have a full cable package...only a half pack...I’m only getting started on Season 2 of Rookie Blue...{I swear if someone ruins it by telling me stuff that happens I will cyber stalk you until you beg forgiveness!} but I’m so obsessed that after watching season 1 they would air all the episodes in marathon fashion on Sunday nights! For one month straight I went to work every Monday on about 2 hours sleep because I could NOT stop watching! I’d wait until the mini-marathon was over each time at 2 am and then go to bed! It was pathetic...yay only 2 weeks left! ;-)
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So what about all of you? What can you tell us about your summer?
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