Friday, 20 September 2013

Why I wasn't at church!!

Have you guys been following along with the Kids ‘n Worship series? I sure hope so but if not you can catch up on Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 by clickity clicking on those links! But before you zoom off to other parts of my bloggy land, stick around and hear about why I stopped going to church!

I absolutely love worship! I believe it is our main purpose! I listen to worship music when I get up in the morning and am getting dressed, we play a stream from itunes all day long at work, and usually Hubby and I will throw in a CD featuring one of our favorites after work!

The boys will dance along and Lil Mister sings his heart out. I can honestly say that I feel closest to God when I am worshiping  What is so great about this is that it means I’m not limited to church or a particular building!
Don’t mistake me, there is something in my spirit that wells up from a truly amazing worship service in church. It’s the cumulative feeling of so many believers giving it up for the big man upstairs! It gets my heart racing and my blood boiling! I can stay in a worship service like that for hours!

But I’ve had some really heartfelt and inspirational moments both alone and with a close group of friends right in our own lounge. Like I said, in the midst of worship is when I feel closest to God! {Thank goodness because I’m going to tell you about why I had to lean on this for a few weeks!}

In Part 2 of the Kids ‘n Worship, I discuss getting up and getting things prepared for church Sunday morning to eliminate those last minute excuses. And believe me, a system really works...even if your system is different than mine! The point is about being ready and prepared so that you aren’t out of it on a Sunday morning.

The last thing I want all of you thinking though is that somehow my family is perfect and has it all down 24/7. Oh....if anything but!

See, peeps, Hubby works most Sundays. I hate to admit it but it is part of his contract. He does his best to get off and he attends church with us when he does. However, this leaves me tackling the battle to get there....alone more times than not.

One particular Sunday, we had a rough morning. Nobody wanted to get up, I hadn’t done dishes the night before forcing me to leave my kitchen like WWIII when we walked out of the door, and LJ was fighting a runny tummy from teething.

Needless to say, I was praying from the moment we walked out the door that somehow, some way God would rein in my children today!

This Sunday also fell during school holiday, which meant NO Sunday school....which meant an entire service with BOTH kids.

I got to the church and walked in with a smile on my face. I acted like Lil Mister hadn’t drawn on his face with highlighter. I pretended like LJ sleeping this time of the morning wasn’t because he’d been awake since 2 am and I wasn’t secretly wishing lightening bolts upon the person who dare wake him!

We had the look. I choose seats towards the back of the church because I knew Lil Mister might get a little bored and figured he’d have easy access to lots of play area this way.

The music began and LJ was awake. I picked him up and swayed with him as Lil Mister stood singing his lungs out on a chair next to me. Everyone was smiles. I was slowly breathing easier. Okay...maybe this isn’t a disaster today.

The worship is over and we all sit down. We all sit down. LIL MISTER SIT DOWN!

He jumps and plops right off the seat onto the floor. {Face-Palm}

I soothe him and get him settled in with a banana. LJ has thankfully fallen back to sleep.

As the pastor begins his sermon, Lil Mister is getting more and more restless by the minute. I attempt with all self-control to hold it together and smile sorrowfully at all the sideways glances we receive. {Whose bright idea was it to cancel Sunday school during holidays?}

I had it...I was doing it...until he stands up on the chairs. I go to grab his arm and he literally screams, ‘Ah, F***.’ One swift grab and my hand is over his mouth and I’m redder than a fire engine.

His eyes are huge, knowing he messed up. I slowly remove my hand from his mouth as I place a finger over my lips to signal him to be quiet. The entire church is dead still as even the pastor needs to recover.

Then, in the most innocent face possible, Lil Mister looks up to me and says, ‘Please don’t spank me’ just loud enough for the entire church to think I’m the worst mom in history.

Thus began our church hiatus.

{Lil Mister did not get a spanking and no children were injured in the creation of this post. We have since resumed regular attendance. However, I keep a bottle of hot sauce incase he feels the need to verbally relieve himself again.}

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