Friday, 10 May 2013

I have a confession...

I have a confession….

I haven’t gone for a run in, oh, over a month!!!
Seriously, people…its killing me. Literally.

Look here….

Sorry, but that stomach there is not what I envisioned 5 months after giving birth!
I had a plan. I knew what I needed to do and I was going to attack it like a boss.

What I didn’t expect was how hectic my life would become when I was working full day. I get home around 5:30 pm. I then immediately begin dinner and spend some time with the kiddos. Dinner is normally ready by 6:30. We eat, watch the news (this is a must) and then bath the kids.
The boys then get ready for bed. We all have tea and tuck in. By the time Lil Mister and LJ are asleep by 8:30…I’m bushed. I get up at 5am just to get everything done and together in the mornings. Add in cleaning up the house and keeping up with the never ending laundry….

It’s all just more than I ever imagined. I spend so little time with the boys during the week that I feel guilty if I take that time away from them to run.

It is winter time here. Which means that it is too dark for me to run in the mornings before work. It just is not safe to run in the dark here. And in the evenings…I MUST be out of the house the moment Hubby Dearest gets home and then I have maybe 20 minutes max before it is dark.

So I’m left wanting. I’m left with excuses.

Let’s get real people….I didn’t start this blog to pretend my life was perfect. I don’t write to fool you into thinking I’m doing it all; all the time. I wish (sometimes) this was the case, but really…I’m just a mom of two littles, a wife, a full time debtor whose trying to keep my head above the waters of life.

Running is something I do for me. Something I love to do.  I’ve let that slip in the chaos that is my house right now. Gym is not an option for me as I have no transport to the gym and to be 100% with you all…we just cannot afford it at this stage.

None of these excuses make me feel better about where my body and health is at this moment.
Finances are about as tight as I can imagine for us. But this should not prevent me from making my body what I want it to be.

So…I’m going to start working out at home more. There is no reason why I can’t do some home workouts early in the morning or in the evening. I need to accept that although I may give up a little bit of time from my children; they will benefit from a healthier me.

For the upcoming Mothers Day, Hubby let me invest in a couple of new dumbbells and a balancing ball!! For this, I am super excited. The new equipment definitely motivates me!

As my running has slipped away, I’ve felt those feelings creep in. I’ve snacked more. I’ve drank more coffee. My temper is shorter and my moods swings more dramatic.

In addition to upping my home workouts, I’ve cut sugar. Not completely. Jeeze, I still need some chocolate people! I am only human!
No, I digress. I’ve eliminated sugar from my coffee and tea (as well as milk! That’s right I’m all black people!) and I’ve stopped all sugar cool drinks. I can have one small glass of 100% fruit juice once a day.
We eat pretty healthy actually so it’s only small changes I need to make!

I need to be physically healthy as well as mentally and emotionally healthy.

So there is the honest truth. We’re back to basics. I need to make some lifestyle changes that will affect my family as a whole, but….that is good for the whole! ;-)

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Shana Danae..

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