Friday, 24 May 2013

Potty Fail....

I don’t know if you remember but we have tried to potty train Lil Mister. You can read more about it here and here.

When we first started to venture down this road…I was scared to death. I had heard HORROR stories for other mom’s all about how difficult it was and how it took so long.

Then, Lil Mister surprised us! He took to it so easily. He definetly was no where even close to being ready to come off nappies during naps and at bed time, but during the day….we were doing it!

It got to where we’d even go to church and grocery shopping…without a nappy!! I was in heaven.

I bragged to everyone. I told them how great Lil Mister was doing. I talked about how easy it was and how he! I was so SO proud of him.

Then, Hubby started a new job meaning he wasn’t at home all day anymore. Then, Hubby and I moved into our own house. Then, LJ was born. Then, Ouma and Oupa moved to another town. Then, Oupa came and stayed with us. Then, Lil Mister changed schools. Then, I went back to work. Then, Oupa went back to living with Ouma. And only 3 months had passed.

We’ve been holding on hope. We’ve been trying to be positive. We’ve encouraged him, rewarded him, spoken with him, and begged him.

But….it’s like he just….forgot!!

Seriously, dudes, it is like he forgot all about the whole ‘I’m a big boy now!’
He just stands there…and goes.

I’m to the point of tears. I’ve spoken with his teacher. He goes if you take him to the potty. I know this is true because it works at home too.
BUT….he doesn’t go on his own anymore. The frackin’ thing can sit right next to him while he plays and he’ll still go in his pants!

I’ve held on. This has been going on for almost 3 months that he completely regressed.
And I’ve decided….
I’m done holding on!!

Okay…hold your criticism until the end please.

Lil Mister is 2 years and 4 months old. He isn’t 4!! We started early (before he was two) and he has had A LOT of changes in a short amount of time. Lil Mister is very clever for his age and talks like he is much older. He can communicate just fine. He tells me when he needs to poo and still goes to the toilet for that.
BUT…he is still only two! He is not a full grown kid yet. He plays to where he forgets the world exists. His whole life is revolved around play! He plays to where he forgets about a toilet and his bladder is just too small still.

I’m not a doctor but I’ll tell you what the changing point was for me….
He used to be honest. When you’d ask him if he’d wet his pants…he would tell you. Two nights ago…he lied.

His pants were clearly messed and he lied. He told us no he didn’t pee-pee in his pants. This told me one very clear and unmistakable fact…he was becoming embarrassed. He didn’t want to admit it!

Shit! We’d pushed to far for too long. What was I doing to him?

So we made a decision…we’re putting him in pull-ups. We spoke with the teacher. We will all still take him to the bathroom regularly, but now we avoid the worry. He can be a little more confident and when he is ready….

Well we figure he’ll tell us…again.

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Shana Danae..

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